Suits Scoop: Aaron Korsh on Romance, Secrets and "Devastating Breakup" to Come

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It’s finally time to get back to business at Pearson/Spector on Suits.

Will Louis find out the truth about Mike? Can Harvey juggle both his work and professional life with Scottie heavily in both? Will Donna approve or disapprove? Can Mike and Rachel be out about their relationship at work? And will Jessica ever get a love interest?!?

Obviously, there was a lot to cover with this run of six episodes of Suits Season 3 and while stars Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman gave us a preview earlier this week, series creator Aaron Korsh is the man with all the answers.

I sat down with him recently for lots of great scoop, including just how big the upcoming season finale will be. Brace yourselves...

TV Fanatic: These six episodes seem to me to be very full circle because I feel like you guys are going back to the Mike identity thing in a big way. Is that kind of what you were going for?

Aaron Korsh: What’s interesting is by the time we’re doing the last six episodes usually we’re so under the gun that we don’t always get a chance to think them through as much as we would like so to me what happens is the story arc emerges as much as we plan it and part of it is, is the writers come up with incredible ideas again and again.

I’m always blown away by their ability to pitch me something that makes me go nuts also. And what happens is they pitch me something that’s awesome and I’m trying to say, ‘Okay, if we’re going to do that…’ I’m trying to find a cohesive through-line off of that so I would not say that it was preplanned but it emerged in a great way for me, and then when you realize it’s emerging you say, ‘Okay, that’s the ground we’ve laid. Let’s follow that path instead of veering,’ so definitely the last six to me are really about re-examining the choice that these guys made to perpetrate a fraud.

TVF: I feel like every time I talk to you I ask you this question because I love how you’ve dealt with Harvey these last three seasons but in some ways we still don’t know him but I feel like maybe with the Scottie relationship heating up as it looks like it’s going to, my question is, is that an opportunity to see a different side of him? Because he’s dated and had things but this to me feels a little different.

AK: Well, I think already the answer is yes. It’s absolutely an opportunity to see a different side of him and I think even in episode ten, him saying he wants her in his life, that is seeing a different side of him and it’s going to continue.

TVF: I was impressed with that. Harvey’s come a long way.

AK: I know. He’s come a long way and it’s interesting because you were saying you don’t know him but you know how he’s going to react to things. To me what’s interesting is to know someone in sense is to know how they’re going to react to things but the facts of his life…and he does keep things close to the vest but that’s also something you know about him…but we get to see different sides of him no doubt in this last six and that’s one of the great things about bringing Scottie on is he’s going to learn to navigate a relationship.

TVF: Do we get more of the Harvey-Donna relationship as far as anything changing or anything different? The fans love that relationship, as do I.

AK: Yes. Yes. I do know they love it. Through these last six, regardless of Donna’s feelings towards Harvey and her desires for their relationship, she loves him and cares about him and wants him to be happy. And also I think instinctively knows that if she undermines his relationship with Scottie he’d be mad. He’d know it and he’d get even and he would never forgive her probably for that.

So she’s going to support him in his growth process with her. Yet he will have conflict with Scottie of course and Donna’s not just going to always say what he wants. Supporting him doesn’t mean saying what he wants to hear so their relationship is going to be affected no doubt by Scottie and moving forward their relationship is always going to be one of the cores of the show and I don’t know where it’s going to end. I know fans don’t like to hear that.

TVF: Mike and Rachel, will there be repercussions for them by coming out as a couple in the firm?

AK: I would say probably the greater strain on Mike and Rachel’s relationship than them becoming known amongst the people in the firm is this examination of did he make the right choice to become a fraud? That’s always going to weigh on them more heavily because look, if he gets exposed the man she loves is in big trouble…but also Rachel’s preparing to go to law school. We don’t get there in the six time-wise but she emerges within the firm. She is forced to step up. She continues on her progression towards becoming what these people are.

TVF: I love what Louis is going through just on that hunt for Mike but also the Rachael Harris relationship is so perfect. Will we be getting more of that relationship or is it more about his quest involving Mike? 

AK: No. Absolutely we see that relation. Louis declared in a way his love for this woman. It’s a major thing…I don’t know if a lot of people know this but I know Rachael Harris…we worked on the show together for two years, Notes From The Underbelly and we never had auditions for this role. We just offered it to Rachael Harris because I loved her so much.

We have an amazing guest cast coming up this year…Abigail Spencer, Rachael Harris, Stephen Macht and Amanda Schull…these are all recurring people and I love them and it’s a joy and a treat to be able to work with them and they bring so much to the table.

TVF: I always ask Gina Torres when Jessica’s going to get love and I know there’s a little bit with a past relationship coming up but is there a time for Jessica to have a love interest?

AK: Yes. I would say the challenge with Jessica for us is it’s always a tough thing to bring in a love interest for a character that doesn’t feel like it is slapped on for solely that purpose...hopefully we can achieve that. You want that love interest not just to be a separate sideline story line. You want it to cause ramifications within the office and for all the characters.

Obviously with Mike and Rachel that’s easy because they work together. Scottie and Harvey, well, that’s kind of dovetailed because they’re in the same work. Donna ended up with a guy that came into our world. Louis again with a person that came into our world…so we are in active discussions about revealing another part of Jessica.

TVF: At the end of these six, are we getting a big cliffhanger to lead us into the next season?

AK: Yes. I can say several things. One is I’ll say throughout the course of this six we’re going to have a devastating breakup. We’re going to have an arrest. We’re going to have a loss of a loved one and we’re going to have…no, I think that’s good.

TVF: That’s pretty good.

AK: Here’s another thing I can say is we shot two different endings to [episode] sixteen and it wasn’t alternate endings. It was one is an ending and then the other one is, ‘Do we tack on this other thing?’ And the reason that happened was we’re always down to the wire and rewriting the show at the end of a season or writing a finale.

So we had an idea to have a certain thing happen for episode sixteen and then we actually wrote it while we were up there like in seven days and we ended up not feeling like we had emotional room for what this final whole last act was and then we thought, ‘Hey, should we just start it and come back to it?’ And we thought, ‘Let’s just shoot it so we can start it if we want to,’ and we were going to wait and see what happened when we came back to the writer’s room and after me watching the episode, I’m 99 percent sure or 95 percent sure how we’re going to go.

That aside, we’re building to a real huge climax decision to ‘are Mike and Harvey going to continue to perpetrate this fraud on the world?’ It results in a major decision. Are they going to do it? That’s a yes or no and if they are, how are they going to do it? How are they going to either do it or get out of it? And that’s going to have huge ramifications for season four.

Suits airs Thursdays at 9/8c on USA.

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