The Tomorrow People Review: Taking a Leap of Faith

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I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record here, but I can't help it.

Every installment of this show just keeps on getting better and better and The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 15 was yet another shining example.

Julian's return brought the requisite amount of danger to make this one exciting, but Jedikiah one-upped him completely when he put the bomb in Julian's head.

I feel like I'm beginning to have a very unhealthy relationship with Jedikiah. I like it when he has those moments where he shows us his soft little underbelly, but I equally enjoy it when he's deliciously evil.

I'm completely biased, of course, because whenever Jedikiah shows that evilness to someone I actually like, I don't enjoy it at all. But since Julian was a royal pain in the ass, I had no problem at all watching Jedikiah treat him like crap.

Hey Julian, remember what happened when you caught me in your house? Now you’re in my house.


I have to give Julian some credit though. He did find a rather brilliant way to turn the tables right back around on Jedikiah when he basically kidnapped Stephen. Jedikiah's reaction to finding out his nephew was in danger was kind of priceless and I thought I saw a little glimpse of that soft underbelly for a second.

John helping Astrid get over her fear was another fantastic part of this episode. Like I said before, I'm okay with them just being friends and I thought it was very sweet how he helped her out the way he did.

Astrid: Why are you suddenly so interested in my life?
John: Well, you did pull a bullet out of me.

As for John and Cara, well she did frustrate me a bit in this episode so I can't say that I completely understand why he went back to her. I know, he didn't just go back for her, he went back for everyone, but he did end up in bed with her so I'm thinking they're back together.

The flashbacks did help remind us of how well they got along together in the beginning and I know John feels ultimately responsible for the entire group in the lair. I just hope that this means she will stop trying to tell him what to do and realize that he was the one who started rescuing people in the first place and maybe stop treating him like a child who needs to be disciplined. 

Cara: Why are you doing this?
John: I told you, we take care of each other.

Speaking of Cara, she did surprise me in the end of the episode when she let Julian die. I guess she found the loophole to the whole paranormals-can't-kill thing. If you let them die from a bomb already in their heads, it doesn't count. Perhaps she will ease off John now that she's sort of killed someone herself.

My favorite bits:

  • John talking about how he learned how to make breakfast from watching a TV show.
  • Russell pointing out that they were out of really important stuff, like beer and Gummy bears.
  • John doing shirtless sit-ups on the ladder. Totally made my night. Just sayin.'
  • John jumping into Astrid's house and showing up on the camera in Stephen's room. Nice effect, that.
  • Cara kicking John's ass in the subway car. As much as she annoys me, I do love her moxy.
  • John and Astrid leaping off the end of the subway car and then arriving, giggling, in her house. That hug after was epic.
  • Everyone's reaction to John showing up back at the lair. Loved Russell's the best.
  • Jedikiah breaking down and stopping Julian from torturing Charlotte. See? I know he's a big softie down underneath that tough exterior. Way down.
  • Cara, John and Russell jumping all over the lair to confuse Julian and his Kill Squad. Brilliant.
  • Jedikiah nearly losing it when he thought that Stephen was about to die
  • Stephen's little raised eyebrows when he asked Astrid about John. So adorable.
  • Stephen discovering that Tim couldn't keep a secret.

Are you happy to see John and Cara back together?

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