The Tomorrow People: Watch Season 1 Episode 15 Online

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What would it take for John to considering going back to the lair?

In The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 15, Julian shows up on Ultra's doorstep with a tantalizing offer for Jedikiah. He thinks he's got it all figured out until Jedikiah turns the tables on him and finds a way to ensure that Julian will deliver what he promised. But Julian also has a trick up his sleeve and turns the tables right back around again on on Jedikiah. 

Meanwhile, Astrid needs help with a problem and looks for Stephen for advice, but finds John instead. who offers a unique solution to the issue. 

When Julian gets closer to making good on his deal with Jedikiah, it puts the entire group of paranormals in danger, forcing John to make an important decision and Cara to do something she didn't think she was capable of. 

After the dust has settled, will John and Cara be reunited? Watch The Tomorrow People online to find out. 

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