2 Broke Girls Review: Taking a Gamble

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Caroline discovered the hard way that there’s no such thing as a sure thing on 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 23.

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense that Caroline would be the one to take to gambling so quickly.

After all, she was used to money just appearing in her life and I’m sure she saw gambling as a way to make back all of her lost millions lickety split.

Max’s reaction to gambling is pretty much on par with mine. Whenever I’ve been dragged into a casino by friends and family, I’ll toss a few bucks into a machine, get bored and move on. If I do happen to win anything, I’m quite content to take that and leave.

All this money and I didn’t do anything. I’m one mustache away from being a Kardashian.


Caroline wasn’t content with more than doubling her money and once that bug bit her, I had to laugh at the lengths she went to in order to get some cash. I know these girls are close, but I never thought I’d see the day when Caroline would be hunting for money in Max’s bra.

Caroline: You sleep in your bra?
Max: I have to. Last time I let them out at night they didn’t come home until 4am and couldn’t tell me where they’d been.

As soon as Caroline realized she would lose Chestnut, that’s when things got serious for her. They say that people have to reach rock bottom before they have to seek help and that’s what Caroline did.

My gambling problem got so bad I couldn’t even afford my drug problem.


In the end, it was Earl who saved the day and got the girls back their money and their horse. Talk about a hero.

My favorite bits:

  • Chestnut! Aw, I’ve missed him.
  • The girls going over the rules of “That Game Where We Take Shots While We Pay Our Bills.” I am definitely going to have to try that one.
  • Han hashtagging his pic of Max with #WillDieAlone.
  • Max asking Nicky if he was her dad. That never gets old.
  • Another great band name: Underarm Dandruff. This show is a treasure trove for any bands out there looking for names.
  • Max warning Caroline to pace herself and not blow her bugle so soon. Good advice.
  • Cracking up when Nicky speculated that Max couldn’t eat much. He’s obvious never been to a buffet with her.
  • Caroline claiming she didn’t have a gambling problem and then going hunting in Max’s bra for the money.
  • Max getting all the short jokes out of her system before agreeing to Caroline’s deal. Too bad it didn’t last long.
  • Max’s face as Eddie and Han kept setting her up for short jokes and she couldn’t take advantage. I truly thought her head was going to explode right off her neck.
  • Caroline busting out some pretty good short jokes of her own.
  • Earl saving the day. Yes!

Which gambler are you?

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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

I hear that phone has a great camera for selfies, or in your case elfies.


Caroline: Next up, I have gas.
Max: Ah, thanks for the heads up this time.