Archer Review: It's Archer Time

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I will admit that there is a LOT that I didn't see coming this week. Archer Season 5 Episode 12 was full of surprises... and it was fantastic.

Some time had clearly passed between Archer Season 5 episode 11 and this installment, as we started with Lana slightly more pregnant,and Archer in jail having grown his epic beard.  I truly love that beard.

My first surprise was Archer being in jail, but it wasn't too shocking when we found out that Cyril had taken over San Marcos. Of course Cyril would throw Archer somewhere where he didn't have to deal with him.

Also not surprising was Lana bringing Archer food while in prison. Lana can't help herself; she loves Archer whether she's ready to admit it to herself or not. She was taking care of him in jail three weeks after he slept with another woman. Lana is a sucker for punishment.

She also constantly underestimates herself. It was interesting how she thought it was "Archer Time," when it really was Lana Time.  She took charge of the situation with the weapon, quickly dispatching the whole team to do what they were best at while she went to get Archer. I would love to see an episode where Lana ran an operation without interference. 

A pleasant development was the long overdue address of Pam's cocaine addiction. The Pam that we met in this episode was slightly skinnier in a sickly way, with bags under her eyes.  Finally, her addiction is coming to a head and I'm really interested to see where they're going to take that in next week's season finale. 

Krieger has turned out to be one of the best written characters on Archer Season 5. While there were missteps with the changes in Cheryl/Cherlene and Pam, Krieger has been one hit after another.  

This week was no less so, as Krieger found himself at odds with his clone brothers, who were trying to launch a warhead with biochemical weapons. When Doctor Algernop Krieger is the sane one in a room, you know things are serious.

In the scuffle to stop the missile launch, all four Kriegers fell to certain death; however, one survived. I think our Krieger was the lucky one, but honestly, I'm not positive. Between the tie and the concussive cognitive dysfunction causing him to forget Pam's name, there's enough there to make us question this.

Archer, loathe to remain under Cyril's thumb, broke out of prison with Cherlene and ex-President Calderon. Calderon didn't make it far, as Archer's detour to the zoo (he really loves animals) results in Calderon getting mauled by a tiger.  

The best surprise was the twist at the end, where we find FBI Agent Hawley and arms dealer Slater are actually CIA agents and are heading up the resistance against the San Marcos government. I did not see that coming AT ALL. I absolutely loved it and I am absolutely itching to see this unraveled next week.

Oh, yes, and there's also the fact that Lana's water broke.

What did you guys think?  Do you think that was the real Krieger still standing?

- Cyril compares himself to Hannibal Barca (one of the greatest military leaders ever) at the Battle of Cannae
- Also, Keith in his Warhammer Guild (Warhammer Fantasy Battle game)
- Cyril is the Vader to Malory's Palpatine (Star Wars)
- Cherlene mistakenly thinks Johnny Cash actually was held at Folsom Prison.  
- George Orwell's Animal Farm (or as Archer called Calderon, George Borewell)

- "It doesn't matter to the stake!"
- Archer calling Cherlene "Carol", callback to Archer Season 1
- Escape notes giving away their whereabouts
- I'm glad the slapping has stuck around from last week!

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Archer Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Lana: Oh my God, that's a coca-leaf smoothie.
Cherlee: And they're gross - it basically tastes like a fart of itself.

I'm sorry, Lana. I said a woman. Not a stevedore who lost his hand in a stevedoring accident and then got a hand transplant from an actual bear!