Arrow Picture Preview: Taking on an Army

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It looks like there will be a lot of Oliver's plate after the tragic death of his mother, Moira.

On Arrow Season 2 Episode 21 Oliver's first instinct is to surrender to Slade to stop any further blood loss due to their feud. Diggle and Felicity will go to extreme measures to make sure he doesn't stick to that plan knowing surrender will surely mean his death.

While Thea considers leaving town, Laurel is out for blood -- Sebastian Blood.

From the photos that follow, it looks like the Arrow will lend her a hand in her crusade to bring Brother Blood and his Mirakuru army down. How far will they get before Slade continues assault of terror upon Starling City?

Flip through the photos for a taste of what's to come.

If you want to revisit any installments, you can watch Arrow online right here at TV Fanatic. Be back here after "City of Blood" airs for a full run-down of the episode. 

Here is your first look at the official promo:

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

I don't even know why I'm crying. I didn't even like Moira. Terrible thing to say about someone after they just died. In my defense, she was not nice. She was diabolical. Not a word you often hear at someone's funeral.


Sebastian: I'd love to speak with Oliver.
Thea: Well, if you see him, please tell him that he missed his own mother's funeral.