Arrow Round Table: "The Man Under the Hood"

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It's time for the Arrow Season 2 Episode 19 Round Table!

This week we're talking about Felicity stepping up, what Laurel did with her new information, what's next for Isabel and why Lance doesn't want to know the identity of the Arrow.

Join staff writers Kate Brooks, Nick McHatton, Robin Harry and Carissa Pavlica in the discussion by sharing your opinion in the comments below. Let's dig in...

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What did you think of Felicity taking control of the Mirakuru situation?

Kate: Well for obvious Flash reasons, she's taking control to introduce those characters. On the other hand, I really want to believe that she is taking control of the Mirakuru because she wants to end this "war" that is going on between Slade and Oliver for Oliver's sake. It's no secret, except to Oliver, how she feels about him and I want her to save him. It's so corny, I know.

Nick: I love that it is within her character to do so. She's not going to go out and punch bad guys in the face, but she can ring up her super cool science buddies and begin to synthesize a serum to cure the Mirakuru. It's a good chance to bring the other characters in The Flash (let's get to ordering that to series please) to town as well.

Robin: I thought that was fantastic. Felicity doesn't often get to take charge, so I love both the initiative that she took and her confidence in her choice. It adds an interesting layer to her character.

Carissa: If anybody had doubts about whether or not Oliver respects Felicity, they can let them go now. It was her plan to blow up the Applied Sciences building and they carried it out. She was even donning a ski mask, although the eyes didn't line up right. I wonder if that was written in or if that was something Emily did on her own. So adorkable!

How do you feel about the way Laurel is dealing with the information Slade gave her?

Kate: This has been the best thing that has ever happened to her character. Most of Arrow Season 2 hasn't been good for Laurel, she has done nothing that I wanted to see. Thank God for Quentin and his take on the Arrow for opening Laurel's eyes. With that said, Laurel will worry and it will eventually have to come out that she knows but, for now, I really like that she's going to keep it in to help protect Oliver and Sara.

Nick: I really like how Laurel handles it. It's a return of form to her Arrow Season 1 character (even though it feels out of character for her this season), and I think she understands, thanks to Quentin and seeing Sara's scars, that there's a certain amount of trust she can place back into them and what they are doing for the city. When she hugs Oliver near the end, she understands that stress that he is under, and I think she's going to be using her career as a pivot to help as best she can.

Robin: Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting her to scream bloody murder, but instead she was forgiving and understanding. I'm perplexed about what they're doing with her character (one minute she's threatening people, next minute she's forgiving), but her reaction to Oliver and Sara's secret was a good turn for her.

Carissa: I agree with everyone else. I'm pleased with how the story has played out. There were a lot of options, but flat out understanding and acceptance seemed unlikely. Like Robin, I also wonder where her character is going. If she's going to be the legal beagle who uses her tough but savvy side by threatening and getting around the law, that's fine, but how long will that be interesting?

What do you think is coming up with Isabel and Slade?

Kate: Choas, of course. With the reveal of Isabel being a crazy psycho ex-girlfriend of Robert Queen, I'm curious to see if she goes after Moira. I think Slade's best bet to hurt Oliver would be hurting Felicity or Diggle and that worries me. I just don't see how this choas can end without the death of another main character...

Nick: Is Isabel a Mirakuru zombie now? I'm honestly not that interested in seeing what happens between the two of them.

Robin: I agree with Nick - I don't really care about Isabel. I actually would have preferred it if she was just a ruthless businesswoman and not a Slade disciple. Also, while her affair with Robert Queen is comic canon, it was introduced a bit too abruptly, and made her even worse.

Carissa: I've never liked her character, but as an actress Summer Glau can do emotionless killing machine, so it makes sense to go that route. It's not like they've not killed off big name actors and their big name villain counterparts in the past, however.

Are you surprised that Lance doesn't want to know the identity of the Arrow?

Kate: If you would have asked me this question a year ago, I would have said YES. Now, not so much. The scene between him and Laurel about the Arrow was my favorite part of the episode. What an incredible scene to showcase that character growth for Quentin. It was the best! Do you have any strong feelings on what's going on or what's up next?

Nick: No, I think he understands that there's a certain amount of discretion the Arrow needs to really clean up the city, and he's willing to bend the rules in order to do so -- even if the rest of the police force doesn't like it.

Robin: I'm not surprised. I think it's already enough of a burden knowing that his daughter is a vigilante, and he understands what kind of weight she carries as a result. Lance understands the need for The Arrow, and won't do anything to compromise the vigilante's work or his own. It also explains why he willfully ignores every sign that Oliver is the Arrow.

Carissa: While the reasoning is sound, it surprises me because he does know his daughter is palling around with him. You'd think he would want to know his identity for that reason alone. Similarly, the Arrow isn't the only one with serious burdens, his Sara is carrying a good part of the load now. So, while it makes sense philosophically, personally it really doesn't.

Do you have any strong feelings on what's going on or what's up next?

Kate: My simple and boring answer is no. I don't try to speculate with Arrow for the reason that I will be completely off-base. I also don't try to guess what's ahead because I want to be surprised and I want to be shocked. I enjoy being caught off guard when it comes to Arrow. With that said, I will state what I said before, I have very strong feelings that we will be losing another main character by the finale.

Nick: I'm most interested in seeing where Thea goes next. I think there's an opportunity here for her to take up the Merlyn name and see what kind of trouble she can get into.

Robin: I'm interested in where Thea goes from here -- I liked who her character was becoming, and her future intrigues me. Otherwise...I may be in the minority, but I'm about ready for the Slade story to end. At the very least I need a break from it -- give me a villain-of-the-week, please!! Put Roy's "anger issues" under the enough-already category as well.

Carissa: It's too late to dial it down a notch, but that's what I would have liked to see about five episodes ago. So much has happened and so many characters have gotten new information and we've really not gotten to see them process it all and just live with it. We need a day in the life episode, where they all go to Big Belly Burger and remember how important their relationships are to what they're doing so they don't get lost.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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