NCIS Round Table: "Page Not Found"

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When Delilah discovers some intelligence about a dead Navy Lieutenant, her boss orders her to forget what she saw. Alarmed, she goes to NCIS and asks them to investigate.

This all happens at a time when Tim is gathering his courage to ask her to move in with him, while Delilah is considering a job opening in Dubai.

What did panelists Christine Orlando, David Taylor and Douglas Wolfe think about all of these developments on NCIS Season 11 Episode 20, "Page Not Found?"

Gather around and find out in our TV Fanatic Round Table below!

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How would describe the episode in three words or a sentence?

David: The Un-case of the week.

Christine: Finding yourself again.

Doug: The Delilah Chronicles.

What was your favorite scene or quote?

David:  Tony's quip about "Jane Bond" and "nobody does it better" made me wax nostalgic, but the topper for me was Nurse Jimmy and the whacked-out patient.

Christine: I loved all the interactions between Tony and Delilah. I think that it's great that he calls her "Wheels" and that she calls on him for both work related issues and relationship issues. I think that they have the makings of a great friendship

Doug: I laughed out loud when Tim said "look you've only been back to work. Maybe you should slow down".  That raised eyebrow from Delilah was perfect.  Even though I said that Gibbs response was a good catch, I think I was wrong.  That eyebrow says "we are so going to talk about this later."

What, if any, where the problems that you saw in this episode?

David: Well, as you mentioned in your review, Delilah disobeyed and didn't seem to face any consequences.  I also found the whole episode a bit difficult to follow--the twists came a bit too rapidly to process.

Christine: That Tony was such a bad liar in front of McGee when he got the phone call from Delilah. I expected him to roll with it a little bit better but I guess she really took him off guard.

Doug: I agree with David and Christine both. Especially the part about all of the twists. Too many of those can actually make an episode boring.

I got a lot of feedback for coming down so hard on Delilah. The thing that irritated me most about her scene with her boss was that I really like her character. It bugs me to see the writers make her do something so wrong when it comes to the military. Can you imagine any of the NCIS team getting instructions they don't like from Gibbs and then going over to the NSA to complain? What would he do with that person? He's already said it before in NCIS Season 11 Episode 14 "I don't work with people I can't trust."

Now that Tim and Delilah have agreed to have a long distance relationship, what do you see in their future? Will it work? Can it work?

David:  I don't know. I have to wonder if this is some ploy to eliminate Delilah's physical presence, while still having a love interest for McGee. Then again, if they are going to keep her around, we could be in for some intriguing cases.

Christine: I think it can work but only for a finite amount of time. If they're going to spend years on opposite sides of the world, then what's the point of being in a relationship They never really discussed how long this assignment would be. Personally, I think that much more than six months will be the end of these two as a couple, which is a shame because they're starting to grow on me.

Doug: I'm with Christine. The plot point left me confused. Here they have a wonderful character, and now they're shipping her off to Dubai? It makes me think they're writing her out of the series. Maybe they have plans for NCIS in Dubai. I don't like the fact that she and McGee are physically so far apart.

Tony as the Relationship Whisperer: is it realistic? Has his character evolved (or morphed, depending upon your point of view) in a realistic manner?

David: Well, I think his character has morphed. Gone is the overgrown frat boy. As for "relationship whisperer," I suppose his evolving relationship with Ziva taught him something, humility perhaps.  His other significant relationship, with Jeanne, seemed romantic, but was contrived to nab an international criminal, so I'm not sure he gleaned anything from that.

Christine: Tony has been through an awful lot and he's definitely evolved. He's still fun-loving, movie quoting Tony but he's also got a seriousness to him that we hadn't seen before. Plus he and Tim have grown closer so I think it makes sense that they would talk about relationship issues.

Doug: I'm going with "morphed." The writers nailed Tony's character perfectly in Shabbat Shalom when he stood as silent sentinel in the hospital, and in the follow up episode Shiva where he plays the hyper-aware but silent and strong agent. This mother hen business, while admirable in almost anyone, doesn't sit well with me when it comes to Tony. Maybe in small doses - like we see with Gibbs - it would be okay. 

The CIA bumbled their case and promptly handed it over to NCIS to complete. Convenient or logical?

David: Logical I think. The tip came to them initially and they discovered a red flag in Brisco's story so why not let them run with it?

Christine: Convenient. I can see them holding on even tighter after a screw up like that instead of  handing it over to another agency. With NCIS already poking around, perhaps they thought that handing the the case was the only way to mitigate the damage.

Doug: I agree with Christine. Maybe I've read too many spy novels (some of which were written by former CIA agents), but the stereotype is that intelligence agencies tend to fight for and hold onto their turf.  I can't imagine any agency ever saying "well, we goofed so you run with the ball now."

Douglas Wolfe was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. He retired in 2016. Follow him on Twitter


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NCIS Season 11 Episode 20 Quotes

Jones: If I'd know you were coming I would have stayed and baked cookies.
Tony: Hey. I have to ask.
Jones: Brisco kept me so high I barely remember crawling out of that place on my hands and knees. I found a gun that he left behind and I hid in a storm drain across the street until the drugs got out of my system. Agent DiNozzo, if I was in on this, why would I risk coming back for Melody?

Jones: Agent McGee! We forgot witnesses. Any chance you two could help us out?
McGee: Absolutely.