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Things are starting to come apart at the seams at Pearson Specter in Suits Season 3 Episode 15.

Mike made the decision between pursuing a career in the financial industry and staying with Pearson Specter, while Harvey struggled to tell Mike how he really felt.

At the same time, Harvey was trying to save the Marathon Footwear IPO he worked hard for from an outsider threatening to derail it while struggling in his relationship with Scottie.

Jessica and Louis faced their own trials, while Katrina and Rachel found themselves unintentionally in the cross-hairs of one of them.

Catch up with the penultimate episode of Suits Season 3 when you watch Suits online.

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Suits Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

I know. I can’t fire her for being loyal.


Be a lawyer one last time. Knock this guy out.