The Tomorrow People Q&A: Robbie Amell on A Big Betrayal, A William Shatner Bromance & More

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Is the end coming for The Tomorrow People?

If the evil Founder has his way, yes... but with only two episodes remaining in the first season, things are definitely moving forward - and star Robbie Amell recently gave us a preview of what we'll see, starting with The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 21 tonight.

Besides trying to stop The Founder, Amell teased big surprises on the way in the romance department, along with a huge betrayal that should shock everyone.

Also, what of the Twitter bromance Amell has developed with Star Trek's William Shatner, who faithfully tweets along with every new episode? Let's see what Amell has to say...

Angry Stephen

TV Fanatic: Talk to me about what we’ll see in this episode as far as Roger being back. Because I talked to Jeffery Pierce last week, and it seems like such a good thing that he’s back but there’s also a really bad side due to The Machine.

Robbie Amell: First of all, with Jeffery I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s incredible and when I found out he was playing my dad when we were shooting for the pilot and I was so excited, I was a fan of his from Alcatraz. And to finally be able to play really work with him in episodes 20, 21 and 22, was fantastic.

With regards to being in character and what you see from Stephen, when Roger comes back he wants Roger to take the reins a little bit. He’s been trying to balance this life and help his friends and now his Dad is supposed to be the leader and the kind of wants his Dad to be that guy. But there’s that dangerous idea of his father being put back in The Machine and what it can mean for the rest of The Tomorrow People.

Episode 21 is a really big episode for a lot of characters and there is a huge betrayal within The Tomorrow People and I think it’s really going to shock all of our viewers.

TVF: So far it seems like The Founder has been pretty much unstoppable but I’m wondering if they will find his Achilles Heel to stop him.

RA:  How do you know he’s not dead after the last episode?

TVF:  I just don’t think it’s going to be that easy with him.

RA:  [laughs] Well, you know every villain has a weakness and it’s tough to find one on The Founder because he’s so smart. He’s always been one step ahead of us at all times and one thing that has happened now with Hillary sacrificing herself, is that the playing field is even. This is the first time you’re really going to see The Founder up against into The Tomorrow People without having a good advantage.

TVF:  What does Hillary sacrifice do in terms of Stephen? She was definitely in love with him but how do we see him react?

RA: You see it right away. He doesn’t really know what to do. I feel like when you’re a kid after getting in a fight with somebody, you just never want to leave on bad terms with a friend or a loved one just in case. If something were to happen to them you don’t want the last time you saw them to be a bad memory.

With Hillary, it’s tough. It can’t be a good memory because she betrayed Stephen and almost got his father killed and got John’s power stripped from him, but there was this connection beforehand. There’s so many feelings going on at the same time and they’re only adding to the intensity of the build to the finale.

TVF: Is the love triangle between Cara and John and Stephen is that coming back to life at all? It’s always simmering but is it going to start boiling again?

RA:  There’s a great scene in 21 where Cara and Stephen finally address what went on between them and between Stephen, Hillary, Cara and John. It’s only Cara and I in the scene but we finally talked about it and we get a little bit of emotion out in that scene, but there’s actually a new love triangle and one new love interest being introduced in [episode] 21.

TVF:  How would tell people to feel about Jedikiah at this point?

RA:  Jedikiah. Well, Jedikiah’s one of those guys that you think you have figured out you’re completely wrong. I think one of the nice things is everybody is against The Founder at this point. I think that the people that have been pro-Jedikiah up to this point aren’t going to change their ways and I think the people who are anti-Jedikiah will at least be rooting for him to help The Tomorrow People against The Founder. But Jedikiah has the really cool, really cool being that nobody could see it coming at the end of 21.

TVF:  I asked people on Twitter to send me some questions and somebody wanted to know if the dancing we saw in episode 19 is representative of your own dancing skills.

RA:  [laughs] Oh, yeah. That’s all me. They were like, ‘they want you to dance again,’ and I was like ‘we didn’t learn from this mistake in episode four?’ Somebody put together a great team and it’s Cara’s reaction and Astrid’s reaction to his dancing the looks on their faces were both fantastic. It’s one of those rare times when you get to see the goofy side of Stephen. I hope that these made people smile.

TVF: Tell me about this Twitter bromance you’re having with William Shatner, it’s pretty awesome.

RA:  It’s so cool. I don’t even know how it started but, like everyone else, I’m a huge, huge William Shatner fan. He’s the Captain! When it started I kind of pictured it was somebody else talking for him and as it went on I was like, ‘this has got to be him. It’s too real.’ When you’re following someone and their following you back you can direct message them and I just sent him a thank you message.

Somebody tried to say he was getting paid for it and he’s shot that down really quickly. What I read in this article is that he feels like there’s not enough good sci-fi on television anymore and he has a responsibility to try and help the sci-fi shows that are on do as well as they can.

He watches the episodes and if he wasn’t watching he wouldn’t be able to tweet the things that he does about it and it’s just really absolutely surreal to be talking to someone who I’m just a big fan of.

TVF:  Now you have to meet him in person. Do you think that will happen anytime soon?

RA:  I told Italia [Ricci, Amell’s girlfriend], I really want to meet William Shatner just to be like, ’Hi, I’m Robbie. Thank you so much for supporting the show’ and tell him how big a fan of his I am. 140 characters on Twitter just isn’t enough!

The Tomorrow People Season 1 airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW. 

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