Arrow Clip: One, Two, Three... Boom!

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On tonight's episode, the Arrow coaches Laurel how to be... the Arrow!

After multiple viewings of the following clip from Arrow Season 2 Episode 22, it's still difficult to determine how the Arrow got separated from his bow, why it's in Laurel's hands and why he can't cross the distance between them to pick it up and shoot their way out.

For some reason, he cannot and he must talk Laurel through the steps to successfully wield the bow with an explosive arrow to blow their way out of the debris!

Laurel has put her faith in Oliver and now Oliver is putting his faith in Laurel. From the clip, it looks like they're even.

One can only imagine you have a lot to say about what's happening in this clip and in preparation for Wednesday's all new Arrow. 

Watch the sneak peek now:

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I don't need you right now. Everyone else does. So go; go save the city.


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Felicity: Oh. I really thought the air bags were gonna go off.