Arrow Sneak Peek: Til Death Do Us Part

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Oliver is still on his quest to end the war against him without killing. Can he stick to the deal he's made with himself?

In this clip from Arrow Season 2 Episode 23 Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, Roy and Layla discover the Arrow Lair has been destroyed by Slade's army. Oliver is in fine form and handing out orders.

Felicity and Roy? They find enough injection arrows to deliver the Mirakuru cure. 

Layla needs to head back to ARGUS to either stop Amanda Waller from leveling Starling City or stall her long enough for everyone else to stop Slade.

But not without Diggle. He and Layla have been through war before and not only are they stronger together, they're fully committed to standing by each other come what may. Who says romance is dead?

For a closer look at what's ahead on the finale, check out this interview with Andrew Kreisberg

And to catch up prior to the finale, watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic now.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Gee Sara, you could have called before you invited ... seven assassins into our lair.


He lacked the conviction, the strength to pull the trigger, but not you Thea. You are truly my daughter and I could not be more proud.