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That wasn't so unthinkable after all, was it?

What a great way to end a season. A war was waged and the good guys won in Arrow Season 2 Episode 23. There were casualties, but they are the sort that we can live with and learn from.

A hero finished his journey thanks to his arch enemy. I love you was spoken many times to different people and it was meant even when it didn't appear to be said with feeling. 

One father and daughter were reunited while another father said goodbye to one or maybe two of his.

We learned the island has a lot more going for it than a place where Oliver was stranded for (less than) five years.

The setup for Arrow Season 3 is justified through fight scenes and drama and you really have no choice but to watch Arrow online to find out what it all means.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Gee Sara, you could have called before you invited ... seven assassins into our lair.


He lacked the conviction, the strength to pull the trigger, but not you Thea. You are truly my daughter and I could not be more proud.