Beauty and the Beast Picture Preview: Arrested!

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Vincent has been arrested, but that's no longer the title of the upcoming June premiere.

Instead, "Beast is the New Black" will be the title of Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 17, in which Cat and the team try everything to clear Vincent of murder charges.

However, when they discover the identity of the person who gave up Vincent as the suspect, they realize they are fighting a bigger enemy.

Were we wrong to jump to conclusions that Gabe was being vindictive, deciding if he couldn't have Cat then nobody could? Word is that J.T. throws all the blame at Gabe. It could be a red herring.

It will be interesting to see why J.T. is in a lab coat and poking the prisoner, why Cat is wearing her uniform and what transpires to get Vincent and Cat into the tunnels with which we've become so familiar.

Check out the clip and be back here in June for a full review of the installment.

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