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It's a race against time when Joan is being held as collateral against Mycroft Holmes.

On Elementary Season 2 Episode 22, Sherlock denounces his brother for jeopardizing the person he loves the most in the world and works tirelessly to find a list of names in order to save Watson.

While Joan operates on a wounded French gunman, Sherlock and Mycroft investigate the disappearance of man that has all countries interested.

When it is revealed the Mycroft isn't who he claims to be, he and Joan may have to pay the ultimate price for it. But with three little words, it may just all work out.

To see it all transpire watch Elementary online:

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Is that what you think Joan is? A counter balance.


[To Mycroft] I wish it had taken you. The leukemia. I wish it had taken you to the bones.