The Real Housewives of Orange County Review: Hoedown Throwdown

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Following their kerfuffle over seating, the feud between Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador is heating up on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 6.

What will happen when Heather invites her soon-to-be, not-really neighbors to a hoedown? Let's find out...

Chair Gate

Heather and Terry help their kids with homework and baking like normal people and it's pretty nice to see. Or treatbag making? With oatmeal? 

No idea.

Heather's holding on to this "Shannon's a little scary" shtick and it's not really true from the playback. 

Vicki and Shannon meet up at a boot shop and chat about Heather, and by chat I mean gossip about Chairgate. Vicki tells Shannon (and us) that the name "Lizzie" is going to take her some time to get. Because Lizzie is SO HARD. 

Ugh. Vicki. Minus 12.

Briana and Troy stop by the office to see Vicki for lunch and Briana asks Vicki to go with them to help them find a house. She casually slips in that the area they're moving to was wiped out by tornados so all the houses in the area are brand new.

Vicki's face is priceless. 

Heather's hoedown is coming together as she and the family all get dressed for the party. I'm not sure I ever want to know how much she spent for bales of hay and picnic tables and lights to be strung up on this lot for the hoedown. It's fun but slightly nuts with the perfectly placed lemons on the water station tables.

Eddie and Tamra show up and Tamra's impressed with Heather's party-throwing skills. As are the rest of us. Plus 12.

Lizzie thinks it's fabulous that Heather is physically looking down on everyone by having the highest house in the highest neighborhood. 

Tamra gives Lizzie advice about Vicki: If Vicki offends her, Lizzie needs to stand up for herself. Plus 10.

Lizzie and Heather have the potential to be amazing friends. 

The Dubrows all break ground on their new home together. Plus 10. Vicki and Shannon miss the speech and ceremony. Minus 8.

Lizzie greets Vicki graciously while Shannon says "Oh, David coaches a basketball team..." Heather feels like it's rude that they were so late without a heads up, which, yeah, kind of rude. Minus 5.

David and Vicki decide to do tequila shots at the bar. Because tequila shots are always a good idea, let alone at 1 in the morning. Minus 10.

Shannon doesn't appreciate being left out of the shots by Vicki, nor does she like that David keeps talking to some woman named Meghan and hasn't introduced him. She LAYS INTO HIM about it once the girl walks away. Lays into. That's so awkward. Minus 15.

No one can stop talking about the onion rings and how good they are. Plus 8.

Heather doesn't waste time telling Shannon that they tried to wait for Shannon to get there before their ceremony and Shannon goes to the bar crying to Vicki. Shannon WAS the only one who got singled out about being late...

Tamra tells Heather that it's time for Heather and Shannon to talk and while THAT's happening, Vicki's trying to make things up to Lizzie with shots of tequila. Then Vicki decides she's going to go talk to Heather about the Shannon thing.

Vicki pulls her snoring thing when Heather's talking. Again. Minus 15.

To Vicki, the snoring is a sign to move the conversation along. She just can't see how freaking rude it is. 

Heather vents to Terry about the situation with Tamra and Shannon. Tamra goes to Shannon and says "you guys need to talk." That's EXACTLY what Tamra said to Heather, so no, Heather, Tamra's not creating a situation. She's telling y'all to talk. So talk.

The bartender has walked away so Shannon is tending bar now. She, Vicki, and Lizzie chit chat about Briana's move to Oklahoma while Shannon's daughter Stella wins a doughnut eating contest and Heather's son Nicky wins a potato sack race. Plus 10

Terry talks to Tamra and Vicki, totally getting into the middle of it. Then there's square dancing where, as Lizzie astutely points out, there is no talking. It's glorious.

And then it's time to ride a bull.

Eddie rides the bull, then Lizzie climbs on for a ride. Shannon also takes a turn before Heather gets up there and everyone makes sex jokes for her. 

When Tamra gets on, Heather has the operator adjust the controls. Maybe? Then Tamra falls off and maybe breaks her arm. OOPS? 

Eddie takes Tamra to get X-Rays. It's not broken but it is bruised. Plus 5.



What did you think of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 6? Is Vicki's snoring thing funny or rude?

Showdown at the Hoedown Review

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