The Tomorrow People Review: Coming Full Circle

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I am honestly not sure whether I want to laugh, cry, scream or cheer after The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 22.

I feel like doing a little bit of everything, as this hour had so many moments that brought out a variety of different emotions. I hardly know where to begin.

Stephen’s story kind of came full circle by the end of this episode. He started out this season as just a kid who didn’t know why he did the strange things he did and in this episode, he really took control of those powers.

I am my father's legacy.


Stephen truly became his father’s legacy when he was able to defeat the Founder and save humanity. Not only that, but he was actually able to reverse time and save Cara’s life as well. It looks like there might be some fallout from that, but for now let’s just call that a win. He also ended up with Cara and became the leader they always thought he would be.

So Stephen’s story was the one that made me want to cheer.

As for John, I was really starting to get on board with him staying a human. His and Astrid’s final moments as the Machine’s wave came towards them were beautiful and it was obvious that they were meant to be together.

You know what the best part about being human was? You.


Before that, John got some wonderful moments with Jedikiah, which were magical unto themselves. Their father/son bond has been my favorite relationship all season and I was so happy to see him and Jedikiah come to terms with everything that had happened.

And then it all went to crap. Well, sort of.

I’m trying to wrap my head around what felt like a complete 180 from Jedikiah at the end of the episode. The sweet man who cried over his brother and apologized to his “son” was suddenly replaced by the manipulative and evil person we met earlier in the season.

Just a man? John, that is all a father could want for his son.


Where did the old Jedikiah go? Did his brother’s death send him back over the edge again? Was the idea of getting hold of Roger’s powers and giving them to his adopted son more than he could resist? Does he think that erasing John’s memories and turning him (and the other paranormals) into super-soldiers is the right thing to do?

We're gonna need a bigger lair.


I don’t know the answers to any of those questions and I only hope we get a second season so that we can find out what will happen next.

My favorite bits:

  • Paranormal!Jedikiah kicking butt and taking names. So. Much. Yes.
  • Roger begging Jedikiah to kill him. So. Much. No. Jedikiah’s face just killed me.
  • Jedikiah actually shooting Roger. Holy crap.
  • Roger and Jedikiah’s final words. Seriously, show. My heart is done.
  • Cara asking John to save Astrid, even if he didn’t want to save himself. Interesting.
  • John and Jedikiah’s entire conversation. I could write out every word, every look and the details of the hug, but I feel that would be overkill. I’ll just say that scene nearly ended me.
  • I seriously didn’t think I could hate Natalie more than I did after last week’s episode. Apparently I was wrong.
  • Astrid pointing out that she and John were fighting for their lives.
  • Russell telling Natalie that he drew the line at mass extinction.
  • John telling Astrid the best part about being human was her. Aw.
  • John and Astrid’s frozen kiss. Beautiful.
  • Stephen tossing the Founder into his own machine. Talk about poetic justice.
  • Stephen reversing time and saving Cara. Whoa.
  • Jedikiah offering John Roger’s powers.
  • Astrid telling Stephen how much tail he could get if people knew he had saved the world.
  • Stephen coming to the lair to find a whole bunch of new breakouts.
  • Stephen deciding to use Ultra as their new lair. Brilliant.
  • No!! Bad Jedikiah and Bad John? Why, show, why??

What did you think of The Tomorrow People Season 1 finale?

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