Beauty and the Beast Picture Preview: A Normal Couple?!?

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Will Cat and Vincent ever get to be normal?

For a little while onĀ Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 20, it appears the answer is yes!!

Agent Knox, one of the agents who needed the assistance of Vincent and Cat to help free one of his colleagues from a sticky situation, gives them the opportunity to extricate from their world and try to live normal lives.

It sure looks like they're happy, as Vincent even gets to carry Cat across the threshold like a new bride. Of course, there won't be an "Ever After' for our romantic duo any time soon because they're pulled back into the fray - but I have no doubt they'll continue to live happily.

These photos show a strong couple willing to go through anything to remain together and reach the goal of happily ever after.

Remember, you can always relive the best moments of VinCat when you watch Beauty and the Beast online via TV Fanatic!

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