Beauty and the Beast Picture Preview: Lip Locked!

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According to The CW, Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 19 is titled "Cold Case."

But it's getting pretty hot in here if you ask us, based on the following photos of Cat and Vincent sharing a passionate embrace!

This is happening as Gage has waged an all out war against the woman he once loved and her friends. Seriously. On next week's new installment, he suspends Cat for helping Vincent with the FBI and Tess for her switcheroo with Vincent and the homeless man on the video feed.

Gabe also sends out word to track every move Cat makes and to hurt her in whatever way possible. Vincent is right. We did like Gabe better as a beast!

Flip through the pics below and be happy that our couple is fighting the odds. They're together. FOREVER!

If you want to relive the magic, you can watch Beauty and the Beast online via TV Fanatic.

And be back her on Monday for a full write up after "Cold Case" airs!

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Cat: I'm already in trouble. I'm in trouble with a fugitive.
Vincent: I didn't do it.
Cat: That's what they always say.

Vincent: You know, everyone thinks the guy is some paragon of good, but in truth, if they only knew who he used to be...
Cat: Well, maybe it's time they found out. Maybe it's time we dig up something from Gabe's past and put him on the defensive for once.
Vincent: Something like what?
Cat: I don't know. But he's done plenty of awful things as a beast, things he's conveniently forgotten. Maybe it's time to remind him.