Manhattan Key Art: Three New Posters Released!

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Nuclear. Family. Manh(A)ttan.

If you were unsure about the theme of WGN's upcoming new series Manhattan, the key art released today will give you a better idea of what to expect.

The people who created the atomic bomb were hidden away in a town started to house those masterminds responsible for bringing it to to fruition. They took their families and thus began secrets kept not only from those they loved, but their fellow scientists as they all jockeyed for prestige and upward mobility during the coveted project.

They had no idea how their creation would change the world, let alone their own lives.

The posters are brilliant, illustrating the familiar mushroom cloud, an idea of the isolation and seclusion required by being a part of the project and the importance of retaining the secret at all costs. 

Take a look now!

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