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The Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame. Secret spies?

On Perception Season 3 Episode 1, Daniel Pierce’s time in the lovely city of Paris ends abruptly when he is called upon to help the FBI with a foreign case involving spies, contraband and mimes. Interrogating one isn’t going to be easy.

But with Daniel’s sanity called into question again, the line between reality and fiction becomes even more blurred with each uncovered clue. He can’t be imagining it all, right?

Luckily, Donnie and Kate are to the rescue joining him in France. And might there be a little romance for those two in the city of love?

Uncover the real truth when you watch Perception online now.

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Perception Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Paul: First rule of academia is...
Max: Don't sleep with your students?

I'm in Paris, of course I'm getting mocked by a mime. What a cliche.