The 100 Review: Blazing Ring of Fire

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The 100 finale was crazy awesome, right?

The 100 Season 1 Episode 13 was a jammed packed hour filled with amazing leadership, sacrifice, and turmoil. When the situation didn't look like it could get any worse, it did. Many lives were lost and for what purpose?

It all started from a misunderstanding.

As the Grounders approached, Clarke and Bellamy fought over whether to stay and fight or head to the ocean side safe haven. While Bellamy's desire made sense, he didn't have a full comprehension of the danger headed their way. Clarke had seen the Grounders and understood they were a force larger than the 100 could overcome.

Bellamy's somber last look at the camp was saddening. The slow motion trek out of camp with haunting music was reverent to their journey, but it quickly turned into chaos when a projectile split one of their own's head. The question about what to do began all over again.

It was too late to run. Their only hope for survival was Raven's Ring of Fire plan and it was something that both Bellamy and Clarke agreed would work. It was full force ahead from that moment on. Around the camp, the fighters were tricked into wasting their ammo, Finn went to Lincoln's for medicine, and Clarke and Raven bonded while fixing the drop ship.

Murphy struck again! Not only did he destroy his own people's supply of gunpowder, he took a radio which allowed Tristian to listen in to Bellamy's orders and strategy. Murphy once again cost people's lives. He was stabbed in the leg for not mentioning the mines, but he was away from the fight and left alive.

The battle was one of the best ever on television both in regards to the emotional and visual aspects. A particularly special moment was when both sides stopped and watched in awe at the the Ark falling to Earth. A fitting moment of silence before the killing began.

The severity of the fight became apparent when Octavia plunged her sword into the Grounder's head to save her brother. That awesomeness of that was then topped when Lincoln showed up and Bellamy accepted his offer to help her. While it may not have been his decision to make, it was touching. His love for her knows no bounds and he made that clear when he told her his life started when she was born. They have a unique connection and one that cannot be broken.

There were many heroes on the battlefield. Finn's plan to bring the Reapers helped give Jasper the time necessary to finish the Ring of Fire, while cutting down their enemy's force. Both Bellamy and Clarke demonstrated great leadership throughout the battle. And, the final savior was their "Plan B," Jasper launched the Ring of Fire.

Props to the special effects people for the awe-inspiring explosion from under the dropship to the fried people as the fire burst out. That image will be long burned into viewers minds. The aftermath of the Ring of Fire was also visually stunning. All those lives lost.

The battle was won, but at a great cost. Finn's sacrifice was devastating to watch play out. He left the safety of the dropship to rescue Bellamy only Tristian overpowered them both. That final look between Finn and Clarke was heartbreaking. She had to close the door and they both knew it.

I'm definitely no convinced that Bellamy and Finn are dead, but Clarke believed it when she looked down at those two burned skeletons. With the Grounders running towards the dropship, Bellamy and Finn could have run towards the tunnel. It wasn't that far away and they knew that the Ring of Fire was coming.

We'll have to wait at least a bit to find out if one or both of them made it out alive. Raven wasn't in good shape either. Finn gave Clarke the medicine, but was she able to administer it to Raven before the attack and then being taken away? Or, perhaps the Mountain Men took Raven and were able to heal her?

In contrast to the action on the ground, the situation on the Ark was one of calm and hope. Chancellor Jaha showed his strength of character and leadership by taking the chance that they could survive and make it to Earth.

When the explosive charges didn't work, Kane stepped up to stay behind. He saw it as his path to salvation for all the deaths on his conscience. Ultimately, that decision was taken out of his hands.

Isaiah Washington gave a stunning and heartbreaking performance as Jaha sacrificed himself by staying behind. He was always one willing to make the hard choice and he stuck around long enough to save his people. His reward was a bottle of scotch and knowing that he saved at least some of his people. He has one to two weeks left to live, so I'm sure we'll see him again.

Most of the people on the Ark died, but at least one section made it to Earth. When Abby and Kane stepped out, the serene nature scene was a sharp contrast to life on the Ark and even more from the darkness of battle. Unlike when the 100 arrived, they are fortunate to be alive, yet are informed about the dangers they face on the ground.

There were several scenes that could have served as appropriate endings to the season, which made the final sequence all the more unexpected and shocking. The Mountain Men gassed the battlefield and captured at least one survivor.

What a fantastic twist! Clarke was taken, cleaned up, and locked up in a technologically advanced White Room. With the "Starry Night" on the wall, she woke up to find herself in a whole new world. And she wasn't alone! Monty was there too. The Mountain Men were monitoring them and knew her name, could they have the resources to save Jaha?

Where are they? Mount Weather. She finally made it.

Which main character is most likely dead?

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