The Bachelorette Review: The Game of Love

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As we inch closer and closer to hometown dates, the stakes are creeping higher and higher for the six remaining men hoping to win Andi Dorfman's heart. 

On The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 7 Andi and the guys head to Brussels, where one of them will open up to her about his childhood. Will he stick around after sharing his secrets, or will Andi send him home? The Bachelorette spoilers will definitely give you that answer.

Or you could just pour a glass of Pinot (or coffee, whichever) and read all about it. 

Brussels is a beautiful city. Plus 10. So far we've had 8 reminders that hometowns are next week. Dylan has a man-pony tail that isn't attractive. Minus 4.

Farmer Chris from Iowa rocks a scarf better than Nick. And Marcus. Farmer Chris definitely wins in the scarf-wearing portion of the competition. Plus 12.

Chris Harrison comes by to tell the guys that next week is hometowns and there will be no roses on the one on one dates. Nick gets cocky about how he'll end up with Andi and he's tired of these "man chats." 

Nick also thinks he should get a one on one date even though he had one last week but that honor goes to Marcus. When his name is called there's an audible F-bomb from someone in the room. 

Ugh. Nick. Again. Minus 14.

Marcus and Andi spend their date wandering around Brussels eating chocolate and mussels and Andi says she's been hesitant to get close to Marcus since he told her her thought about leaving. He tells her he thought about leaving because he was afraid of how he was feeling for her. 

He's in love with her. Plus 8.

There's no rose on the date, but again, Andi takes meeting someone's family very seriously. She's only said that 4 times so far. 

Over dinner, Marcus opens up about his dad leaving and how Marcus and his mom were given the blame for his dad leaving. He's worried that Andi will find it awkward that his father won't be there, but she tells him she can't concern herself and spend her time thinking about someone who isn't there. Plus 8 good answer Andi.

Marcus says he and his mom had a very dysfunctional relationship where she was strict and, from the sound of things, physically punitive, while he was growing up, so he tried to spend all of his time out of the house and away from her.

They've since worked out their issues and now have coffee every Sunday. Plus 4.

"Comfort-ness" is the made up word of the night. 

Andi is excited and ready to meet Marcus' family. They spend the rest of their time together kissing. 

Back at the hotel, Josh gets the word that he's got the next one on one date. Nick's pissed. Minus 13.

When Marcus walks back in the door from the date, Nick gets antsy and doesn't want to hear about Marcus' time with Andi, so he gets his coat and decides to go for a walk. To the lobby. To ask for Andi's room number by pretending she's his wife.

The receptionist hands over Andi's room number AND a room key. (NO WAY THAT WASN'T A SET UP.)

He knocks on the door and Andi is shocked to see him. He asks her how she's doing at least 3 times then asks her to go for a walk. She agrees.

Hey, at least it's not skinny dipping in the ocean. Plus 12.

Andi says there's a little feeling of guilt because she's hanging out with Nick between two one on one dates, but ultimately, she commends Nick for going for it.

He tells her that he has "insane" thoughts running through his head that scare him. Thoughts like "I'm going to marry her." Then they kiss. A lot. 

Josh and Andi are going on their second one on one date, and Andi's hesitant. Of all the guys, Josh is the least open about how he's feeling. She really, really wants him to open up and tell her how he's feeling.

While in Ghent, Josh and Andi witness the goose parade, which is apparently a real thing complete with its own band. Plus 14.

Andi says she has undeniable feelings for Josh. Josh says he has undeniable feelings for Andi, but he's uncomfortable with the fact that she's dating other guys at the same time. He's holding back because of that.

Andi shouldn't really blame him for holding back. 

When talk turns to hometowns, Josh tells her that he can't wait for her to meet his family. "Maybe," she replies.


After dinner, she really tries to tease out of him how he's feeling by asking if he's calm and comfortable on their dates and he admits that he hates group dates because he hates seeing Andi with other guys.

He tells her that this isn't a too good to be true thing with them. She says she's scared. And did you know that Andi really needs to hear Josh say he's falling in love with her?

Back at the hotel, the group date card arrives and Nick tells the other guys that he's thrilled to know he'll never, ever have to go on another group date again.

After more talk about hometown dates, he FINALLY SAYS IT. Josh says he's falling in love with Andi and that's what he'll tell his family if they ask how he's feeling about her.

Finally. Whew. Plus 60.

AND he says that when he says something like that it means that's the person he wants to marry. On their way outside to attend their own private concert, Josh tries to hide them from the cameras a little so he can kiss her in an alley.

He's been wanting to tell her that he's falling in love with her, but it's tough to be vulnerable. He's glad he did it though. 

It's group date day, and there's a rose at stake. The guy who gets the rose will automatically get the hometown date next week. Nick, who hates group dates, has vowed to make that rose his. 

But all the other guys have vowed the same, even strategist Brian. 

Minus 18 to Dylan for his "these ruins stood the test of time, so I'm hoping my relationship with Andi will too."

She makes them pedal her across the Belgian countryside on a rail bike. So she can take them to a monastery. A place where the men who live there have dedicated themselves to living lives of celibacy.

There can be NO KISSING within the walls of the monastery. And there WILL be a rose given out inside the monastery.

Farmer Chris grabs her first and they go do some pottery. Please, oh please, oh please let this be a Ghost moment! 

AND THERE IT IS. Now where's "Unchained Melody"? Plus 15.

They were outside the walls during their time together, so there was flirty flirting and kissing. 

When they get back to the rest of the group, she tells them that whomever wins the rose will continue on the date while the rest of them will return to the hotel. Game? Changed.

Dylan gets to steal her next, and Brian just freaks out. Nick doesn't help matters as he actively tries to psych Brian out. Chris knows he's strategizing, but Brian just churns, unable to pick up on it. 

He decides to throw caution to the wind and abandon his game plan and just tell Andi that he's falling in love with her. 100%. Plus 8.

Finally, Nick gets his time with Andi, but before, he says he can lump Brian, Chris, and Dylan together in a category that "they don't matter." He's a doooooouche.

When he gets time with Andi, he says he's never felt someone fall...he doesn't want to put words in her mouth. But he totally thinks Andi is falling in love with him. She's not at all bothered by the fact that his confidence comes from the fact that he thinks she's in love with him.

I am bothered enough by that for her.

She gives the group date rose to...Nick. Minus 75. BOOOOOOO, Andi! Booooooo.

In the van on the way home, Brian has diarrhea mouth and cannot stop talking about the fact that Nick just got the rose. Dylan joins in. Chris remains stoic. I like Chris.

As soon as they get outside the monastery walls, Nick kisses Andi and says he couldn't wait to do that. Barf.

Marcus and Josh are shocked that Nick got extra time with Andi and the guys all start talking about him. Apparently, he's studied every single season and knows them all inside and out and strategizes in each city, dissecting what he think will happen there.


When he walks in, the guys are all sitting around drinking and waiting for him. Except Dylan. Awkward silence broken by Josh's coughing and a random bell tolling in the distance. 

Brian breaks the silence and Marcus says Nick likes to get inside their heads and play on those who are insecure. Nick says he's making stuff up. 

Marcus says he wouldn't trust his sister with Nick and Chris says all he does is strategize and never talks about Andi.

Andi in Brussels

When Nick gets mad, his "like" to word ratio skyrockets. Minus 18.

It's finally time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Chris feels like he needs to make sure Andi knows how he feels so she doesn't send him home.

Before walking into the party, Andi says she's falling in love. But drama awaits her inside.

Chris, Brian, and Dylan all see the fourth hometown rose as being between the three of them and they're sort of bummed to know that at least two of them are going home.

Chris vows to do what he can to win her over before the rose ceremony. He starts by telling her that he loves his tiny town in Iowa and hopes to be able to show it off to her and show her why he loves it so much. He's sweet. Farmer Chris FTW! Plus 8.

Dylan blows it. Nick walks around the party hating that he sees Andi with other guys, so he interrupts Brian's chat with Andi to steal her time. She sort of calls him on it because he already has a rose and he tells her that he feels like he has a target on his back that just keeps growing.

He chokes up when he says that while he doesn't doubt the other guys have feelings for Andi and that this is tough for them, it's just different between him and Andi. Tears do not thaw my cold, black, Nick-hating heart.

Just before the rose ceremony, Chris swipes her away one more time to talk to her again. She think he's taking himself out of the conversation, but she's pleasantly surprised when he takes her for a walk to kiss her. Plus 17.

Finally, it's time for the rose ceremony. Nick has a rose and a trip to hometowns where he'll introduce Andi to his family. The remaining men who will also earn hometowns are:

  • Josh
  • Marcus
  • Chris

Brian and Dylan are going home.

Dylan cries as he leaves the Chateau and blames the fact that he took so long to open up as the reason he's going home. Brian tells her she deserves the best as he hugs her goodbye. He calls Andi the girl of his dreams.

Andi tells the remaining four guys that there's a bittersweet emotion that night because it hurts to send guys home, but she's honored to be meeting their families. She asks for a smile and gets a laugh. Brian hears them laugh and must imagine it was about him. Poor Brian. 


What did you think about The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 7? Is Nick cocky or confident? Did Andi make the right choice for hometowns?

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