The Real Housewives of Orange County Review: No Place Like Okla-HOME-A

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After Heather's hoedown groundbreaking, The Real Housewives of Orange County are ready to hash out their differences. Well, some of them are. 

On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 7, Vicki's visiting Oklahoma with Briana while Heather and Shannon are going to come to an understanding about Chairgate. Maybe. Hopefully (not).

Pour a glass of Pinot and let's get started!

It's Christmas time in Orange County, so Shannon and her family are prepping for a family photo shoot. So are the Dubrows. While Shannon is going with Christmas glam, Heather's just going with glam. Backstage glam.

Heather would never tell the photographer how to do her job, she says, as she's telling him how to do his job. ELL OH ELL. Minus 5.

Neither Shannon nor Heather can understand why they just can't seem to get along, and after their parallel photoshoots it's because they might actually be the same person.

They're both control freak micro-managers, they just manifest their tendencies in different realms.

Ryan stops in to see Tamra and Tamra reveals that she visited an anti-aging doctor to have her hormones tested to see where she's at. Ryan drops the bomb that he takes HGH he buys in a parking lot. Tamra invites him to come with her to meet with her doctor, but Ryan doesn't think he's doing anything bad. Even though it's sketchy and illegal. Minus 14.

Vicki's in Oklahoma City crashing in a Staybridge Suites hotel. She's way not the Staybridge type.

Briana and Ryan are hanging out in Oklahoma trying to find a place to settle down and Briana hopes that she'll see Vicki more. Vicki just wants Briana and the kids to move in with her and Ryan can leave and Briana and the kids can just see him once a month.

Ummmm, no. No, Vicki. Minus 12.

When Briana says they aren't moving back to California when Ryan retires, Vicki chokes on her Staybridge Suites prime rib. Or she pretends to choke.

The next day they get up and head out to see houses in Oklahoma, but while they're driving around, they fight. Because of course. OF COURSE THEY FIGHT.

There's zero way Ryan and Vicki ever get along ever. 

Vicki gets freaked out when the first house they view has a tornado shelter in the basement, and Briana doesn't like the house because it reminds her of Orange County.

Lizzie and Heather are getting together for a playdate and one of Lizzie's boys freaks after getting out of the car. Heather assures her it's totally normal and she understands. Plus 12.

Lizzie asks Heather for advice about Vicki and Heather can't really give her advice about Vicki because Heather's having her own issues with Vicki over the Shannon thing. Heather almost turns it completely back around on herself before Lizzie manages to steer the conversation back around. 

Their only conclusion is that the next time they want to talk, they'll do it over drinks. Plus 10.

Vicki, Briana, and Ryan visit another house and Vicki picks apart the fact that the house has hollow core doors instead of solid wood. When they leave, Vicki cries that it's just a lot of changes all at once and all she wants is to be part of Briana's life.

Tamra and Ryan visit her doctor and she gets the suggestion of testosterone cream. Then she drops the news that Ryan has been buying HGH on the streets and the doctor is actually pretty cool about not freaking out about it and offers to take blood and find out what his levels are and then prescribe them if he needs them.

Lizzie and Danielle are going to Shannon's house for a makeup lesson, but Lizzie's really just excited to see Shannon's house. It IS a great house.

During the makeup lesson, Shannon reveals that during college, she had a nose-chin combo done. Lizzie brings up the playdate with Heather and Collette and Shannon says she feels like she's always sticking her foot in her mouth around Heather.

Lizzie asks if she thinks they'll ever get to a good place and suggests that they talk it out. Shannon doesn't think Heather is the type who'll ever admit that she's been wrong, and she's probably right. Minus 3.

They change the subject to talk about Shannons' Christmas party, which Shannon bills as "not over the top." 

At dinner, Vicki, Ryan, and Briana continue to talk about the move to Oklahoma. Someone slips Vicki an animal testicle and she whacks the waiter with a towel. Then she vows to keep her mouth shut about the move and just let them figure some things out for themselves. Plus 8.

Lizzie pulls her kids across the street in a wagon to visit her sister and niece and nephew and Lizzie admits she's feeling the pressure to have a third baby. Lizzie would totally do it if she could get the Mommy Makeover after giving birth. 

Heather calls Shannon and asks her out for coffee or a drink so they can talk things over. This is gonna get interesting.

Heather wastes no time getting to business asking Shannon what's going on. Shannon doesn't like the way she felt singled out by Heather, nor does she like the way that Heather is condescending when she speaks to Shannon.

Heather admits that she never should've taken the chair back and acknowledges that it caused an issue because she overreacted to Shannon's reaction. Plus 9.

When it's Heather's turn to talk, Heather definitely gets condescending again with her tone of voice, but she's right in that it's her perception. Shannon says she doesn't feel like she can do right by Heather and Heather asks where they go from there.

Heather wants them to talk it out whenever they're having issues instead of going to other people first. But can they keep it that way? We'll see.


What did you think of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Should Lizzie Rovsek have a third baby? Will Shannon and Heather be able to stick to their plan? 

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