Rookie Blue Review: Loosening the Leash

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The funny thing about loosening the leash is that sometimes it was tight for a reason.

That's what Andy realized almost too late on Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 4

Poor Gail

Andy described training Duncan as one step forward, five steps back - but this was far worse. I'd wondered from the beginning if Duncan was cut out for this job, yet I never expected him to fail so spectacularly or try to cover it up once he did.

He didn't just freeze, he shut off his radio so that he could no longer hear Andy's calls for help. 

At least Andy had Sam there for her at the end of a tough day, as he tried his best to make it better in this Rookie Blue quote… 

You're one of the best i've ever seen. You had a feeling about this guy and you were right. You've got to trust that.


I was a little surprised when Andy told Traci that she and Sam were only working on being friends. I loved how Traci perfectly described what Andy was doing. 

Andy's a list maker. She's once again listing the pros and cons of a relationship with Sam. How long will it take her to figure out that the answer isn't on a sheet of paper because love rarely makes sense? Her gut keeps bringing her back to Sam because they're meant to be together. 

I hope we don't have to suffer through an entire season of Andy pondering whether people (aka Sam) can really change. That's going to grow old fast. I want to see these two working on their relationship, not debating whether or not they should be in one. 

Elsewhere, Nick was Chloe's go to guy as she tried to figure out why Dov hadn't touched her since her shooting.

Him and I have not mingled limbs in a very long time.


It was actually really sweet of Nick to try and have an incredibly awkward conversation with Dov. Nick is such a good guy. I hope he finds someone who will love him back soon, but at this moment I don't know who that would be. 

I felt horrible for Gail, who seems to be having one stressful moment piled on top of another lately. I wonder if finding that dying woman and then her daughter was just one heartbreak too many for Gail. What happens when she can't take anymore?

Hopefully she doesn't end up like Chris. Chris was always such a straight shooter but the pain of losing his supposed son may have pushed him right over the edge. If you would have told me a year ago that one of our rookies was going to turn to drugs, Chris Diaz would have been the last name on my list. 

Tell us what you think TV Fanatics. Will you miss Duncan Moore?

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