Rookie Blue: Watch Season 5 Episode 4 Online

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Andy struggled with training new rookie Duncan Moore but it all came to a head in Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 4, when she ended up trying to protect a young witness in the middle of a gang war and her partner froze. 

Thankfully other member of 15 Division had her back, but Duncan may end up losing his badge for good. 

Andy admitted to Traci that she and Sam were just working on being friends, but Traci tried to make Andy see that the answers she's looking for can't be found on her pros and cons list. 

Elsewhere, Chloe enlisted Nick to help her figure out why Dov and she hadn't had sex since her shooting. Good guy that Nick is, he did broach the awkward subject, only to find out that Dov's just concerned that Chloe's fully healed and sent the two love birds off to get a room.

And sadly, the hour ended with Chris on the prowl to score drugs.

If you need your fix of the cops of 15 Division, you can watch Rookie Blue online here at TV Fanatic. 

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