The Bridge Review: Going After the Beast

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Phew! Marco hasn't gone to the dark side.

For a moment, it appeared that Marco was going to turn over Eleanor to Fausto when she was found. He ended up not having to make that decision, but being forced into that position helped him make a huge decision on The Bridge Season 2 Episode 4.

He regained his focus as one of the uncorrupted cops in Juarez.

Marco's hesitancy to helping Prosecutor Abelardo Pintado was entirely understandable given the corruption in the Juarez police department and government. Even if Pintado got evidence against Robles and Galvan, there wasn't any guarantee that their prosecutions would actually happen. It was much more likely that Marco and Abelardo would be killed first.

Over the course of investigating Eleanor, her murders and the cartel's connection, Marco began to see Fausto and the cartel in a darker way. His meeting with CEO Cerisola was upsetting. The corporate and cartel man had no qualms about Eleanor's murder of a young boy. That was Marco's breaking point.

While Marco agreed to help Pintado, he'll only do it on his terms. Fausto is off-limits at first, instead Marco will help the prosecutor build a case against corrupt cops and Robles. Once they succeed in getting justice for the girls taken, abused and killed, then and only then will Marco consider helping bring down his old family friend, Fausto.

With Eva safe and one of the corrupt cops being held and tortured by Linder, Marco and Pintado will have two potential sources of testimony and evidence against Robles and his men. We'll have to wait until next week to find out if either of them are able to help or not.

Marco and Sonya's investigation and that of Daniel and Adriana's finally crossed paths. They are both on the trail of the cartel and got to the same bank. Marco wants the reporters to help him, but they remained quiet. I was a little surprised and how restrained Daniel was when Marco asked given their last meeting.

Marco's promise of information about Dani wasn't even enough for them to open up their research. He'll have to wait until they publish their story.

In other happenings, Dobbs finally died and Sonya was crushed that she wasn't there when he passed on. She got angry at Jack for not calling her, but forgave him when he stopped by to see her. It's still unclear what she wants to get from him, but her relationship with him is not healthy. 

Sonya wanted him to choke her while they were having sex and he complied after initially hesitating. Hank has kept something about her sister's murder from Sonya and Jack knows the truth. While she was sleeping, he stole one of his brother's drawings off her fridge. Why did he take that drawing and what does it represent?

Throughout their encounter, I kept wondering if maybe Jack killed her sister and it wasn't his brother. That would be super creepy, but other than that, I'm at a loss about what's really going on. Overall, this storyline is probably my least favorite of The Bridge Season 2. It's a combination of "ick" factor and an oddly framed mystery.

I'm looking forward to Marco working to bring down Robles, especially if Sonya helps with Daniel and Adriana working on the story as well. Even more intriguing, who did Eleanor give the acorn? And what's her connection to the person that Fausto can force her into helping him?

Is Jack a dangerous man?

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