True Blood Round Table: "Death Is Not the End"

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And... we're back with the True Blood Season 7 Episode 4 Round Table!

This week the discussion revolves around tough calls, despicable moves, lost hope, Eric's progeny and favorite scenes. A little bit of everything!

Join TV Fanatics Leigh Raines, Chris O'Hara and Carissa Pavlica below as they discuss and debate the latest happenings on True Blood Season 7...


Tougher phone call to make, Sookie calling Alcide’s father or Jason calling Hoyt?

Leigh: I liked Alcide but for me it was Hoyt. Damn I loved Hoyt! He was Jason's best friend for so many years and he doesn't remember him. Speaking to him again as a stranger made me so sad.

Chris: I have to agree with Leigh. Sookie at this point is like F everyone’s problems. “Hi, sorry your son who I sort of loved died,” click… Hearing Jason call Hoyt ‘Bubba’ was a tear jerker.

Carissa: Definitely Sookie calling Alcide. Event though they know death is lurking around every corner as a werewolf, he was a young, virile and powerful man who died before his sex and booze loving son. Since Hoyt's memories were wiped, it was tough for Jason, but it was like delivering any death notice. The worst part was the realization once again that his best friend has no idea who he is.

True Blood Round Table

What was more despicable a move: Eric infecting the flight attendant or Pam stealing Ginger’s idea for Fangtasia?

Chris: Pam stealing the idea for Fangtasia was vintage Pam. The flashbacks featuring her and Eric have been the best parts of this season so far. I do feel for Ginger though because based on what we saw, she was pretty intelligent. The Ginger we first met in season 1 was the byproduct of a decade worth of glamouring. Eric infecting the flight attendant was cold blooded, no pun intended.

Leigh: Oh, please, Pamcakes is a total bitch and Ginger would've died for those two. Totally not surprised. Eric infecting the flight attendant was messed up, she was just an innocent person doing her job.

Carissa: Pam stealing Ginger's idea. They were together for so long and she loved them both dearly. Pam really is a cold-hearted bitch. Chris, Leigh -- if the flight attendant was too friggin' stupid to know the signs of Hep V (black veins climbing all over his body and out his T-shirt), we're getting rid of a dull knife. Good riddance.

Do we even care that Willa is mad at Eric? Will she play some part as we move toward the finale?

Leigh: I like Willa and agree with Carissa about how Eric takes his family seriously. I anticipate that there will be more to come involving her.

Chris: In this final season I don’t think there is much we are shown that doesn’t have some importance, so Willa will most certainly play some part, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how.

Carissa: Either she will play a part or it's just Eric cleaning up loose ends. He always did take his family very seriously, so it's not bad to be reminded of that.

Is all hope lost for Eric or will someone find a way to save him?

Leigh: Looks pretty bleak. I don't even even want to think about this but if he goes out they better do it well. No offscreen bull like Tara.

Chris: I think Sookie’s blood may hold some kind of cure for Eric.

Carissa: At least one of our major players will die before the series rolls credits. With the great outpouring of love for Eric and his incredible gusto for life, it makes perfect sense it will be him. Although, I'd happily take Chris' suggestion if I can also take Pam's, that Sookie and Bill are never ever gonna happen.

What was your favorite scene of the episode?

Leigh: Carissa nailed this one on the head. Eric and Sookie talking in private had me misting up a little, crap there's something in my eye. I liked seeing everyone together in that scene. They're back together and they're fighting till the end.

Chris: My favorite scene is often the one that makes me burst out laughing amongst all the others. This week it was Eric feebly trying to break down the wall leading to the hidden tunnel beneath Fangtasia. The look Bill gives the rest of the group before jumping in and taking over for Eric was hilarious.

Carissa: Two for me. When Sookie and Eric had their private chat and he was so tender with her, admonishing her that leaving her the house did not mean taking up with a werewolf and putting herself in more peril and their final, knowing glance that it may be the last time their eyes meet. Damn. Who knew I'd mist up over that? I'm doing it typing this! What a sucker.

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Sam: You all ready?
Jason: No, but let's do this anyhow.

Pam: I hate Shreveport.
Eric: Oh come on. It'll be a trip down memory lane.