Franklin & Bash Review: Who Is On Top?

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The boys returned to their Malibu home in Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 2.

Or, should we say, Infeld's house.

As much as I love the Malibu beach house, it loses some of its appeal when Stanton Infeld is standing naked in the middle of it. Forget about Peter's ticket envy from Jared's skeeball run, they may have hurt themselves trying not to look at Stanton parading around nude in their living room.

Jared Franklin and Peter Bash

It didn't take the boys long to figure out how to get Infeld back to work…and out of their home. The scheme was twistedly brilliant. They decided to prove that Stanton's a sex addict and therefore was incapacitated by his addiction when Rachel King took advantage of him and robbed the firm. 

Nevermind that Stanton had nothing to do with it. That Rachel had actually taken advantage of a drunken night with Damian. With 641 witnesses to Infeld's sexual prowess, this case was easier to prove. My favorite part was when Jared was unimpressed that Stanton had had sex 14 time in one night in an igloo. It's the north pole. Night can last for six months. 

I look forward to the day when Damien learns the truth. There are times I like Damien but this episode wasn't one of them. He'd just met Anita and he was downright rude for no other reason than she had just accepted a job Peter and Jared in this Franklin & Bash quote

Damien: If you accepted a job with these two street minstrels you must have gotten your degree at a mall kiosk.
Jared: She did. A little kiosk called Stanford.

Damien's a great character when he's not being a complete ass…OK, sometimes he's great because he is such an ass. It simply depends on the context and my mood. 

It was great to see Willie Garson as Dr. Nick Beckman. He's a favorite of mine from White Collar and Sex and the City. I had to laugh when he turned out to be the law firm's illegal tenant and the plastic surgeon determined to be the areola king of the west side, a subspecialty encouraged by Peter.

Unfortunately, the good doctor subconsciously turned his wife Chelsea into a live version of his ex-Parisian-girlfriend Melanie. In a turn only made plausible by Franklin & Bash, that was enough to break the couple's pre-nup.

As disheartened as I was by last week's premiere and the loss of Carmen and Pindar, I have to say that the show was back to the light hearted, slightly kinky fun that I've always enjoyed so I have new hope for this season.

Besides it's hard to go wrong with an hour that has Peter and Jared making out and arguing about who will be sleeping on top. 

You tell me TV Fanatics, who do you think should be on top?

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