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An FBI killer or a man shooting at an X-Ray machine?

Like most of Daniel’s theories, he’s probably correct, and on Perception Season 3 Episode 9, it's no different. He and Kate are sent to the Quiet Zone to track down their suspect who believes ELF waves are being transmitted into his brain. So that means no cellphones, no computers or live tweeting the manhunt when they get there.

And with only Kate and Daniel on it, that means one is bound to be captured and held hostage, right? Let’s just hope luck is on somebody’s side.

Of course, the never-ending will they/won’t they of the newly engaged Donnie and Kate continues. Donnie is approached to be an alderman, and his hot campaign advisor is causing further friction in the relationship. Say it isn’t so!

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Perception Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You're a neuroscientist. Not a cop.


You can trust me, Alex.