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With the bomber in custody, Sam figures out that he's actually targeting the kids of the supposedly corrupt officials who let his son's killers walk free. But as everyone scramble to find the bombs, they fail to realize that one may be closer to home on Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 11.

When Marlo asks McNally to head to the evidence room, an explosion turns to rubble. Sam was on the verge of tears when he found Andy alive and well. But he found his suspect ended up dead in the interrogation room when he retured. Was it suicide or murder?

And after breaking up with Chloe, Dov stumbles upon a picture of an ultrasound in Marlo's things. Is it hers and what does it mean.

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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

There's a cop in here too. Stranded. Trapped inside a Staff Sergeant's uniform.


Traci: I can't imagine being too sane after I'd watched my son blow up.
Steve: You wouldn't turn into that.