Suits Review: Borrowed Time

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The honesty policy is taking a beating at Pearson Specter, but, as Suits Season 4 Episode 9 reminded us, it's the choice you make next that makes all the difference.

Unfortunately for some, that wasn't enough.

Louis had everything to lose in this episode. And by all accounts, he lost it.

Not only did he come clean to Jessica and Harvey, he also eventually came clean to the SEC. While that was clearly one among many nails that secured his coffin, it seems as though it was also the one thing that saved his "home."

Before we get into that, let's take a moment to honor Rick Hoffman's performance in those final minutes of the episode. While much credit must go to the writers themselves, words are only as good as the actors who bring them to life. And let's just be honest, Rick Hoffman brought it.

It came as no surprise that Louis would liken the firm to family. But the delivery, and Louis' decision to resign, spoke volumes. It was brilliant, and I hope they make those few precious minutes available as a clip that can be re-watched and appreciated repeatedly.

Since we've addressed that show-stealing performance, now we can address the fact that Louis' fatal move was probably the firm's saving grace. Who knew utterance of the name Forstman would reveal so much? And just like that, the dog that hounded our pack of legal eagles was suddenly in the pound.

But is this the end of our troubles? I should think not. Because as this dog was chomping at the bit, the relationships inside Pearson Specter were constantly suffering and in some instances breaking all together. And while they always come together against a common enemy, the lines are blurred considerably when their "enemies" are each other.

Let's take Jessica's understandable beef with Louis. She took a pretty hard line, one she would have taken against anyone. Except in this case, she failed to show the same grace to Louis as she had to Harvey, Mike and even Donna in the past.

Granted, Donna and Mike had both been fired at some point, but Louis both jeopardized and saved the firm when they seemed to need both the most.

Did I just say the firm needed jeopardized? You bet. It's the only way to test and deepen the relationships between these characters. Can you think of any other circumstances that would have caused Louis to reach out to Jeff when every other word exchanged with him has been hostile?

At the same time, Louis saved the firm by figuring out that Woodall was in bed with Forstman, and they were able to make it stick such that Cahill decided to take a look. Now, the idea that Woodall was solely out for Pearson Specter blood will stick, vindicating them of wrongdoing in the eyes of the SEC, even if they know the charges weren't completely unfounded.

Despite this fact, Jessica was still intent on letting Louis go - and while I applaud Harvey for choosing to step up, I think Louis stepped up even bigger by choosing to resign, as painful as it was. I don't think the firm will ever be the same if he stays gone.

I felt the same about Mike leaving, and it seems his troubles aren't completely over either, as he went pretty hard at Rachel during his faux interrogation. I understand he's hurt, but he needed to back off a bit. Good thing he apologized...

As for Jessica and Jeff, I am not sure how much longer they are going to stick it out. Only time will tell, I guess...

So, Suitors, only one question remains: Is this the last we've seen of Louis?

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You confess, and all of a sudden everything sticks.


Jessica: How do you know there's more?
Harvey: There's always more with Forstman.