Suits Review: Homecoming

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The prodigal son returned home, but it wasn't smooth sailing for Mike, Louis or anyone else in Suits Season 4 Episode 8.

Indeed, it's the sins of others that caused the chaos this time around, but are they sins that can be forgiven or buried?

Happy Harvey - Suits Season 4 Episode 8

Mike may have come home, but it seems like his problems came with him - and all of them had an impact on the Cahill investigation.

It finally hit the fan. Louis' deal with Forstman is about to bring the firm he so dearly loves to its knees - and just when it was starting to look like everything could be put behind them. We're not used to seeing Louis trying to hide something from the rest of his team at the firm. But this role reversal is about to have its consequences.

Then there's Logan Sanders, who was the final straw that caused Mike to decide it was best to turn over all the files, not just the relevant communications. The implication, of course, being that Logan probably agreed to help Cahill because he's an adulterer scorned and a former Pearson Specter client.

But that also leads us to Rachel's recent transgression involving Logan. While I will never know why Mike seemed so surprised that he could run into Rachel, or that he must have assumed he would never be required to interact with her, I have to say I wanted Rachel to cool her jets trying to get him back.

In the end, though, it appears as if Rachel's advances  and her final appeal as to whether or not he loved Rachel more than he hated what she did proved effective.

However, let's take a second to acknowledge that Donna finally dropped the bomb we've been waiting to have drop about the truth regarding her past with Harvey. It's official: Darvey slept together!

I am really interested to see where this revelation goes, if anywhere. Mostly, I'm just pleased to know something more about Donna, even if it's something I already suspected!

So, do you think this indiscretion is enough to kill Louis' career?

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