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Louis finally came clean to Jessica and Harvey, and his decision to do so puts Pearson Specter on offense against the SEC. Unfortunately, the move forces Woodall and Cahill to start trying to air their dirty laundry. But it's this move that may have turned the tables in Pearson Specter's favor.

In them meantime, Louis is doing everything he can to save his job, including asking Jeff to lobby to Jessica on his behalf, but that may be lost in translation when he goes to the SEC to confess.

Mike may have moved back in with Rachel, but their relationship is a long way from healed.

And all of this made Suits Season 4 Episode 9 the most intense hour of the season.

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Suits Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

You confess, and all of a sudden everything sticks.


Jessica: How do you know there's more?
Harvey: There's always more with Forstman.