Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Moving On

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In an rather odd twist of events, Teairra was unpleasant, Soulja Boy acted like a teenager and Mally Mal lied through his teeth. Oh, did I say odd? I meant, completely predictable. 

One of the best aspects of reality television is the unpredictable factor. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is always good for that. Who saw the sex tape coming? Or the Stevie J and Joseline marriage? 

I'm hopeful that as the season progresses, there will be some surprises and shakeups because Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 3 didn't do much for me. 

Although this was my least favorite so far, there were still some enjoyable moments. For starters, Omarion was back. And he was dancing. Hallelujah. I may be biased because I've always loved Omarion, but he and Apryl are by far my favorites and they made such a great team tonight. 

It must be hard to know that your boyfriends mother flat out doesn't like you, but Apryl isn't backing down from Miss Leslie. And Miss Leslie isn't backing down either. And although Omarion is pretty firmly on Team Apryl, it's nice to see him be the mature, calming influence between a very hormonal woman and a very saucy mother.

I applaud you and your ridiculous outfit choices, Omarion. 

I also applaud Hazel for standing her ground against Teairra. Now I've been on the record with my complete distaste for the way Yung Berg is treating Hazel, but as her friend, I think Teairra could have been way more supportive. We've all had a friend who is making the absolute worst decision possible when it comes to guy or a girl, but we support them and try to give our opinion without being rude and hostile. 

Unfortunately, I don't know that Teairra is capable of doing that. Instead, she makes everything about her and calls Hazel out for daring to talk about something at that tattoo removal party that didn't involve her.

I feel your pain. I hate when people talk about themselves at my tattoo removal parties! The nerve of people, I swear. 

Ultimately, Hazel pulls a rather stealth move and decides to move out of Teairra's apartment overnight. It's probably the best thing for both of them. That friendship was imploding quickly. 

Now lets move on to the things that I didn't love as much. We begin with Soulja Boy. Poor, delusional Soulja Boy, who finds it's perfectly acceptable to have a day party on his birthday. 

Poor Nia comes home with her baby and sister in tow, to see Soulja Boy and a bunch of random people bopping around like they were extras in one of his old music videos. Am I that out of touch with today's youth or is that something 24 year olds do? Do they all work nights? It was very confusing. 

Anyway, Nia was understandably upset and Soulja Boy pulled a Teairra and just kept declaring that it was his birthday and it was all about him. Well listen up Soulja, when you decide you're ready to be a family with your girlfriend and her small child, then it's time to ditch the 2 pm parties and not act like a child when your girlfriend calls you out for your immaturity.

At the very least, save the birthday shenanigans for a Saturday evening when the sun is setting. 

The absolute worst thing about this episode was Mally Mal having the audacity to lie directly to two women who could do a million times better. Neither Nikki nor Masika have endeared themselves to me, but to be that lovesick over him? I don't care that he rolls with the Biebs. He has player written all over him. 

Not only was he able to lead Masika to believe they were exclusively dating, but then he turned around, sweet talked Nikki and got back together with her! I can not wait for these ladies to come face to face. My dream would be for them to team up and take him down, but does anyone think that would actually happen?

Elsewhere, Ray J made another small cameo to yell at his assistant/resident friend to everyone, Morgan. She called him out for having the worst revenge plot in the history of revenge plots.Good for you, Morgan! And Fizz and Moniece also had a sit down, that just continued to prove how badly they are in need of some counseling. 

So all in all, there were moments to like and moments to loathe. Here's hoping next week we get more than Teairra's temper and a Soulja Boy tantrum. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you thought. Am I being too harsh on this episode? Am I missing the Mally Mal infatuation? Has Omarion gotten better looking with age?

Don't forget, you can watch Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood online at anytime to see what all your friends are talking about. 

Moving On Review

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