Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 10: Full Episode Live!

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On Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 10 we're met with a conclusion that, while satisfying, greatly demands that we learn more about these very complex and layered characters.

Neil's boss delivered bad news to him that while the company was extraordinarily enthusiastic about his app, they have every intention to use it for a dating site. That's hardly the vision Neil had while he was creating it, but he is given a wide open space in which to use his creative and financial talents.

Will he be able to stand by like a good employee and allow his hard work to be used in another capacity?

Grace visits a therapist and the Zen Master (in pursuit of Neil's "affair") and learns a lot about herself and her husband. What she learns prompts her to take action to be a different woman.

Anika is hell-bent on making things right with Mateo, especially after she meets Tatiana and learns they were never any kind of an item outside of music. Anika confronts the producer who didn't like her singing voice and makes a decision about her music. She's later surprised when Mateo calls her out for her lack of self-worth and chastises her for doing business with the sleazy producer.

Adriana wants to whisk Neil away to foreign adventures but she gets two surprises instead. One, Neil is done with her and two, her husband has returned from an extended absence a week early only to scare off the man she hopes to win.

Simon tries to implement his failsafe plan. When a purveyor of the arts suggests it will be months before he's able to sell the artwork at his disposal (worth seven figures ... yes seven!), Simon does what any sane man would do and takes them to Adriana. Adriana's husband is the true expert and he delivers shocking information to Adriana about Simon.

Find out if there is a happy ending for our couple. Who had the gun? What's up with Simon? Will Neil continue to make millions? How is their pool? So much is answered and all you have to do is watch Satisfaction online.

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So, thank you. From one absentee husband to another.


I'd start looking deeper into what he's doing when he's gone.