Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3 Review: Playing With Monsters

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What other show on basic cable starts out with the filming of Skankinstein Lives? No other.

Only Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3 and it's good to see Lila behind the camera instead of in front of it. Even Jax seemed pleased.

Perhaps a little too pleased with himself, as he appeared to think that his plot for revenge was going well. And on the surface it is. He's doing a heck of a job playing all of these gangs off of one another. 

For a moment, I wondered whether he was going to align the club with Tyler or Chester. Then I realized that he gave Tyler the half a kilo of heroin. He wouldn't have made that type of investment for nothing. That's when I knew Chester and his men were about to take bullets to the back in that warehouse.

You'd think these guys would learn never to turn their backs on anyone.

August told Jax that trust can't live in the same space as secrets and lies. The problem is, there's nothing but secrets and lies in their world. I found it amusing when August said that Pope had the reputation for being smart but he has the reputation of being deadly.

I'd bet Tig's daughter thought Pope was deadly enough. 

Speaking of kids, Abel got to watch Nero beat the crap out of the guy who hit Gemma. Does the look in Abel's eyes strike fear in anyone else or is it just me? Goodness knows the things that that child has seen and heard in his short life. I'd love to know exactly what prompted him to ask if his Daddy does bad things.

Gemma can lie all she wants, but the kid is barely five and he's already aware that his father is on the wrong side of right.

Gemma had another conversation with Tara. This time it was even more disturbing than the first as Gemma reasoned that, "It all happened the way it was suppose to happen. Everything." Wow! Gemma's ability to rationalize stabbing the mother of her grandchildren to death is both impressive and frightening as hell. The woman is clearly insane.

Even Nero got sucked back into the life, exactly where he didn't want to be. I've been hoping that Nero would survive this season and be able to get away from the life and take care of his son. I'm suddenly not feeling very optimistic. 

There's definitely a new Sheriff in town and she's got the hots for Chibs. A woman doesn't show her battle scars to just anyone. When she told Jax in this Sons of Anarchy quote

I'm sure we can all work together to keep Charming safe and profitable for everyone. Understood?

Sheriff Jarry

It was pretty clear that she was willing to work with the club…for a fee. And they are more than happy to pay. We'll see if there's going to be a Jarry/Chibs hookup somewhere along the way.

Juice took Unser up on his offer to help and I couldn't help but smile when Juice asked Unser why he should trust him…

You had me bound and gagged in a bathtub son. I think I would have already dropped a dime on you if that's what I wanted.


Juice was so desperate and needy. It was very sad to hear Chibs tell him to off himself when he asked how to redeem himself with the club. I really can't imagine how he survives on his own but Juice should have been dead several times over the last couple of seasons, so at this point nothing would surprise me. 

So tell me TV Fanatics,  do you think Gemma is insane or just has great coping skills? Will Jax's plans blow up in his face and is there any chance that Juice makes it out alive? 

Playing With Monsters Review

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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

You had me bound and gagged in a bathtub son. I think I would have already dropped a dime on you if that's what I wanted.


Just keep your claws out of your pants and on the wheel and I'll be happy.