A to Z Season 1 Episode 5 Review: E is for Ectoplasm

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Andrew and Zelda are celebrating a milestone. What better way to celebrate than with a Halloween party?

On A to Z Season 1 Episode 5, there were parties all around with Andrew and Zelda's (supposed) party and Wallflower's celebratory party. 

Unfortunately, neither went as planned, but it made for one of the sweeter moments of the series. 

For Andrew and Zelda, their problem started when they left out Stu and Stephie from their Halloween plans. Needless to say, they didn't take the news well. I mean, when your traditional costumes are Laverne and Shirley and the Ghostbusters, why would you think about backing out?

It was highly entertaining to see how Stephie and Zelda's obsession with the '70s duo began. The quick reenactment of the theme and the costumes were great.

Unfortunately, Andrew and Zelda's, or Zeldrew's, which I think is a thing now, plan to make amends backfired when the frenemies, Stu and Stephie couldn't, and wouldn't, agree on a party theme. 

Stephie: What the hell do you want?
Stu: To not go the world's worst Halloween Party. That's what.
Stephie: That's great so you won't be coming.

The dynamic between the four friends is nice to watch. There haven't been many scenes between them, but when there are the chemistry is great with the pairs of friends getting along with each other. Even Stu and Stephie's frenemy-ish relationship makes those scenes entertaining. 

The best scene came when Stu and Stephie confronted Andrew and Zelda about the budding relationship. Since Stu has been the comedic relief for the series, it was a likable change of pace when he told Andrew his concerns about their friendship. Even with the touching moments, there were still funny bits, like Stu scoffing, not having an allergic reaction as Andrew thought.

Stu: I didn't have peanuts.
Zelda: He was scoffing.

For Wallflower, Big Bird was stuck looking for an alternative when the perfect Wallflower couple, turned out to be not-so-perfect. Unfortunately for Andrew and Zelda, she saw them and made them the "it" couple. And the Wallflower world collided with Andrew and Zelda's relationship for the first time. 

The party had some funny moments, notably as the Wallflower employees were banished from the party because they weren't the "hot" people from the Wallflower site. It was like watching sad little animals in a glass cage as they looked out on the fun party. Luckily, Dinesh tried, and failed, to help get them out by climbing in the air ducts.

Dinesh: Are you calling me husky?
Lora: No. I'm calling you an idiot.

By the time Zeldrew (I'm sticking with it) and Stu and Stephie made up, we heard a very confusing narration about Zeldrew's relationship. I am still not sure what it meant, but based off the "not best friends yet" comment, I see some trouble coming for the happy couple. 

How could I end this review without mentioning a certain popular '80s film theme song, sung by the man that made it famous? Yup, Ray Parker Jr. sang the Ghostbusters theme at the Wallflower party after Stu invited him.

And I would be lying if I said that I didn't respond to his question, "Who ya gonna call?" with "GHOSTBUSTERS!"

Did Stu and Stephie have a right to be angry with Andrew and Zelda about the party? Whose costumes did you like more Laverne and Shirley's or the Ghostbusters? Did you like the Wallflower and Zeldrew stories colliding? What did that last narration mean?

If you want to check out how Andrew and Zelda spent the first month, check out the series from the beginning when you watch A to Z online via TV Fanatic.

E is for Ectoplasm Review

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A to Z Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Andrew: I think Zelda and I may have gotten a little over-excited about our month together.
Stu: I've worn socks longer than a month.

It would be weird to have a monthiversary party. Oh, look at me, I'm warming up to that word.