Arrow Sneak Peak: What Was Sara Hiding?

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Before viewing this clip, it was easy to wonder why Team Arrow honed in on Malcolm Merlyn as Sara's Killer.

After watching, a few things become apparent.

The League of Assassins released Malcolm with a caveat -- he had to abide by a code of conduct. The Undertaking violated the League's principles (a very low bar indeed, thinks Roy). Then Oliver "killed" Malcolm and they let the matter drop.

That is, until they received word from Moira that Merlyn was alive. We knew she contacted someone about him, right? Before she died, Sara was tracking Malcolm and taking photos. On her body she had some evidence, as well -- a blank piece of paper.

What is this evidence? Grab a flame and watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 4, then maybe you'll have your answer!

Does anyone else love the pragmatic look that Roy brings to Team Arrow? He's becoming the voice of everything we have wanted to say. 

Check out the clip above and be here after the installment airs to read a full review about "The Magician." 

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

You guys are professional killers. That's a pretty low bar.


Laurel: You were the one that showed her the darkness inside. You -- and your father.
Nyssa: I know you grieve, but so do I. I didn't show Sara the darkness, Laurel. It was already inside of her when we met. When I found her alone, starving and terrified, I protected her. I took Sara into my heart and I loved her with all of my soul. And that jacket. I gave it to Sara as a gift. You are not fit to wear it.