Arrow Sneak Peek: Packing Up for Corto Maltese

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What part of Italy is Thea in? Ummm... the part that lies off the coast of South America!

Felcity (who is still with the team, albeit also working her new job) shares the news with Team Arrow that Thea is in Corto Maltese, not Italy as everyone thought. Diggle wonders, "What's with your family and islands?" 

Oliver is being affected watching Laurel deal with Sara's death and that speeds up his desire to find his sister and bring her home. Roy feels responsible, so he starts gathering up his gear to go along.

It's sometimes difficult to remember Roy's humble origins since he fits in so well with Team Arrow, but when he starts packing his bow (that's not going to fly!), he admits he's never been on a plane before.

As an afterthought, can you imagine seeing the green and red suits in Customs? Who ARE these guys?! 

Check out the clip and then be here Wednesday for a full review of Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 after the hour. 

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I don't want to hurt or be hurt ever again and you seem like someone who could teach me not to.


You're very perceptive Thea. Knowing what people are hiding behind their smiles, your mother had that talent.