Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Forgive and Forget

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When Reagan's need help, they always turn to family first and Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 2 was no exception. 

When Marcus Greene came to Danny asking for help to prosecute Damon Williams for the death of his daughter, eight years after her shooting, Danny went straight to Erin for help. Unfortunately, he wasn't happy with the result.

Erin reopened the case and interviewed Damon but what she found surprised her. Damon had done his time on the assault charge and had since changed his life. He was employed at a community center working with at-risk youth from the same neighborhood he had come from. He had done everything right but his past sins were coming back to haunt him. 

Danny being upset was understandable but I couldn't help but think that he should have had more understanding for the decision not to prosecute. Between the strong possibility of conflicting medical opinions and the fact that Damon appeared to be the perfect picture of a reformed felon, the hopes for getting a conviction were difficult at best. 

But Danny was a complete ass towards his sister. Frank tried to have his back by saying that the case was personal but Erin was right when she told him in this Blue Bloods quote

It's always personal for him. That doesn't give him the right to use me as a punching bag every time he doesn't get his way.


Of course Erin has her own brand Reagan stubbornness. She was more than a little angry with boyfriend Bobby when he was offered the honor of being interim District Attorney. There's a difference between sleeping with the boss and sleeping your way to the top. I'll agree it could make her work life more complicated but I would think that two smart lawyers could get in front of any serious backlash.

Besides, it's really hard not to like Bobby. He seems good for Erin. She could certainly use more of his sense of humor as seen when he asked when he would finally meet her daughter…

Erin: I am having enough trouble trying to control her raging hormones without bringing home stray men.
Bobby: For the record, I've had all my shots, I'm nearly housebroken and I'm just looking for a hot prosecutor to adopt me.

Frank had his issues with an old friend who was months shy of retiring. The accidental shooting story wasn't very compelling, perhaps because it all took place off camera. Scanlon definitely messed up as did his partner who deserved the suspension but I was surprised when Scanlon retired four months shy of a full pension. I would have thought they'd stick him behind a desk and let him ride out the time. 

Jamie had the most interesting story of the night as Officer Kara Walsh returned to the precinct. Last season Frank had convinced her to testify against her partner when his actions caused the death of a suspect. Even though the grand jury chose not to indict him, Frank knew enough of the man's history to fire him from the NYPD. Unfortunately for Walsh, all anyone knew or remembered was that she testified against her partner.

The mythical Blue Wall is a scary thing when you're on the outside of it and that's where Jamie found himself when he partnered with Walsh. When the bullets started flying, Eddie and her temporary partner were the only ones to back them up.

What I found most disturbing was how Henry sounded almost proud when he latter said…

Dragging your feet backing up a cheese eater used to happen all the time.


As though he didn't quite make the connection that this old school practice almost cost his grandson his life. 

Everyone was upset and consumed with their own issues during the Reagan family dinner but at least the lasagna sounded delicious.

Danny: Please tell me you're not making your infamous veggie lasagna again.
Erin: Don't worry, after all that whining I went full carnivore. This ham should take three years off your life,

If she had known how Danny would treat her later, she probably would have added more.

What did you think of Danny's behavior towards his sister on this episode of Blue Bloods?

Forgive and Forget Review

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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

I've made it this far without sleeping with my boss, I'm not about to start now.


Erin: I am having enough trouble trying to control her raging hormones without bringing home stray men.
Bobby: For the record, I've had all my shots, I'm nearly housebroken and I'm just looking for a hot prosecutor to adopt me.