Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Excessive Force

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Danny ended up in hot water once again on Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 4 as a suspect screamed police brutality as he fell out of a third story window and broke his leg. 

Perhaps fell is a bit of an understatement. The man hurled himself out the window and then told anyone who would listen that Danny threw him...because who would believe that any sane human being would jump. Even Sergeant Gormley gave Danny a hard time when he heard the story. 

Speaking of Gormley, I'm not quite sure I understand his new position at 1PP. I agree with Frank that he needs someone willing to tell him the truth and not say what they think he wants to hear but what exactly will Gormley be doing as Special Assistant to the Commissioner? Will it mean he has to give up his precinct because if that's the case he'll probably be miserable. 

But back to Danny...I was impressed by Reverend Potter's ability to take a junkie and attempt to make him look like an innocent victim. With Willie's attempt to steal Baez's cash completely left out, Potter turned a smack to the back of the head and a kick in the behind to being beaten over the head and stomped on. Talk about a creative rewrite. 

There wasn't much to the Reagan family dinner this week which was a bit of a letdown but I did enjoy Frank's conversations with the Cardinal as he compared one religious man to another in this Blue Bloods quote...

Frank: He is a man of the cloth, like you.
Cardinal: Albeit a sharkskin suit kind of cloth from what I know.

But Frank kept trying to make things work with the Reverend. He took a private meeting on the recommendation of the Cardinal to attempt to build a bridge between their two sides and it failed miserably. All the Reverend cared about was forcing Danny out of the NYPD using any means necessary. 

It led Frank right back to the Cardinal where he asked...

Frank: How much mercy am I required to show?
Cardinal: Well there isn't any metric that I know of. You show as much mercy as you can. It's as simple and as complicated as that.

In the end it was old fashioned police work that cleared Danny as they tracked down the one witness who could help. Apparently Potter couldn't offer enough toys to convince Ernesto's family to lie once the NYPD found them. I wish we could have gotten their side of the story. Did they run because they were scared or because Potter had offered to pay them off?

Either way it was fun to hear Frank tell Potter that they asked him to give back his swag.

Eddie and Jamie hit a rocky road when he began dating a beautiful doctor. I bet Eddie was kicking herself for encouraging Jamie to go win points with Dr. Lamb Chop. In the end the two partners were honest, sort of. Neither one of them seems to know what to do about their feelings for the other. 

As Jamie said, their relationship is currently undefinable but how long can that last before it blows up in their faces?

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Excessive Force Review

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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I might have told the guy to get your hands against the wall or I'll throw you out the window.


Baez: You're annoying. You know that?
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