Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Loose Lips

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There was a price to pay for free speech on Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 5, especially when what was said ended up on social media. It was a lesson that Nicky and Henry had to learn the hard way. 

Henry waxing nostalgic about cracking heads with nightsticks to get results was no surprise. He's always had that attitude about the job and it's not about to change. But the job and the world have changed and as Garrett pointed out, Henry hasn't bothered to keep up. 

Henry learned what every cop on the beat now knows, that their every word and every movement is probably being recorded. There is no such thing as privacy any more and a smart cop, or former Police Commissioner needs to realize that what they say and do carries weight, whether they like it or not. 

Nicky also got hit with the harsh reality of the new world. It's fun to be able to tweet your opinion to your friends and followers but the reality is that everyone is watching. Whether it be the teacher you can't stand or the college you long to get in to. Once you put something out there, you'll have to live with the consequences. 

The one thing I wish we had heard was the second tweet Nicky sent out about her bitchy teacher's comments concerning Henry. It seemed odd that we never got to know what was said, we only heard how it effected Erin's case. 

Blue Bloods season 5 appears to be the season of Jamie Reagan and I'm certainly not complaining. It's about time Will Estes got to share more of the spotlight with his costars. 

It was not a surprise that Jamie stopped to help Tina as she sat sobbing on that bench but you'd think he'd know better than to turn his back on a jumpy, paranoid assault victim. The moment he stepped away I knew she was going to bolt. 

I enjoyed the banter between Eddie and Jamie after he became the next targer for Tina's attacker as in this Blue Bloods quote...

For the record, this whole being partnered with a marked man thing isn't quite living up to the hype.


But that was about to change drastically as a masked man threw a molotov cocktail at their patrol car. That'll definitely liven up your day. 

I was so happy that Eddie said something about Jamie's loft. That place would cost small fortune in NYC and I know it's only TV but I'd love to hear where in the city it's suppose to be located and exactly how Jamie pays for it on a cop's salary. 

As soon as Eddie got in the attacker's face at the precinct it became clear that she would be his next target. I was hoping she'd be able to try and strangle him from behind while he was driving to the garage but I suppose that was too much to ask for. The way it played out, Jamie got to play hero and perhaps we're a step closer to these two changing their professional relationship to a personal one. 

I only have one complaint about this season so far. Linda has been relegated to mostly talking about the food and asking Danny questions during the Reagan family dinners. In the past we've seen her at the hospital or at home with Danny. I'm hoping to get more of that going forward. 

So what did you think of all the "Loose Lips" on this episode of Blue Bloods?

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Loose Lips Review

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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Tina: Look, I'm fine.
Jamie: Those bruises on your face say different.

Baez: He give you anything?
Danny: Yeah, a stubborn attitude.
Baez: A Reagan. I'm shocked