Family Guy Season 13 Episode 3 Review: Baking Bad

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Family Guy is usually hit or miss. No, it's probably not a good sign that I'm starting this review with that declaration.

On Family Guy Season 13 Episode 3, Peter manages to turn a family friendly cookie store into a strip club and Stewie develops an affinity for prescription cough syrup. 

Yup, that's about it.

Yeah, it was a "miss" this week. 

I'll try my best to waste less of your time with this review than I did watching tonight's episode. As it happens every so often with an off week, tonight's episode was boring and inconsequential for the most part. Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe had maybe 25 seconds of screen time, there were no "f*** yous" to Meg, and, most importantly, it was just all a bit dull. 

With a name like "Baking Bad," I was preparing myself for a bunch of hilarious Breaking Bad references, and Peter turning into a cookie Don of some sort - but, instead, all we got was Peter turning "Peter's Wife's Cookies" into a strip club (that gives out free cookies).

Lois: I don't even know what this is anymore!
Peter: It's a strip club that gives away free cookies.

Stewie's alcoholism served its purpose by giving us a few great scenes between Brian and him, but it was just as pointless as the rest of tonight's premise. The resolution for both Peter and Lois's fight, and Brian's intervention for Stewie, had a few laughs, but ultimately felt weak and phoned in. 

However, there are definitely a few reasons to watch Family Guy online.

Stewie's great drunk slur in nearly every scene, for example:

Could you get me some yaww-gurt?


Or Brian's response to Stewie wanting some "yaww-gurt:" 

If you say it like that one more time, I'm going to drown you.


There's also Peter sitting right there while Stewie goes on his first drunken ramble at the breakfast table (shown by a clever camera reveal), or his business mantras in the store while "rolling his sleeves up," or Cookie Monster's own cameo (and "motorboating").

There are a few entertaining moments on "Baking Bad," but they do very little to keep the rest of the episode from transitioning into white noise. 

Still, you can relive the best lines in our Family Guy quotes section.

Baking Bad Review

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