Gotham Round Table: Got Milk?

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A drug that makes people strong and super thirsty for milk? Bruce trying to speak with board members of Wayne Enterprises? Fish unleashing her weapon?

There's plenty to discuss when it comes to Gotham Season 1 Episode 5, and TV Fanatic staff writers Hank Otero, Robin Harry and Sean McKenna are eagerly skipping lunch time to bring you the latest Gotham Round Table.

So put down the ATM and join in with your own comments below!

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What was your favorite scene?

Hank: I'm going to go with the first Viper victim picking up the ATM and being crushed by the thing. Watching his bones give way as the thing squashed him was a very cool effect. It's one of the most memorable scenes of the series so far.

Robin: My favorite scene was the last one between Alfred and Bruce, sitting together, working together. There were no words spoken, but it was powerful because that was the moment that Bruce and Alfred finally understood each other. It also pinpoints the moment where Alfred became his partner rather than just his caretaker; that's a relationship that's going to be really important in the Batcave... uh, future.

Sean: I really liked the sitdown with Sal and Jim (though Oswald's head-slam was a shocker). While Sal is still a bit campy for a mob boss, it was also great to see that there is that ruthlessness to him. To see essentially two big players on opposite sides meet, while allowing Oswald to live and Sal to thank Jim, is an interesting turn for the show. Sal isn't just about talk and is definitely a threat. Plus, I really like the concept of various people fighting for power in Gotham.

Will we see the "Viper" drug used on someone again? Perhaps a new villain?

Hank: I have a feeling we might, especially since Edward Nigma seemed so fascinated with the drug. Perhaps he's the one to perfect or modify it?

Robin: Hopefully not for a while. Though it does kind of seem like the thing a young future Scarecrow or Mad Hatter might get his hands on...

Sean: I love that there's so many possibilites as to where it could go from, like you both said, to Riddler or even someone like Scarecrow. I hope it does come back in some capacity, a retooled version that perhaps can sustain a villian for a little bit longer?

Does Bruce act too old for his age or is he just really mature?

Hank: I really enjoyed the fact Bruce left the mansion this week and mingled a bit. Yes he's mature for his age, but there's also this wisdom in his eyes. Makes total sense this kid will grow up to be Batman. He's a genius, and Alfred is beginning to understand that.

Robin: Bruce Wayne is a genius, he always has been in pretty much every iteration of the character, and I think that it makes sense to portray him that way now instead of as a regular 12-year-old. Those "world's greatest detective" skills shouldn't just suddenly show up when he's 17. To add to that, he's just endured a horrific personal tragedy, and those tend to make one grow up a little faster and harder than most. In context of this character, I'd say he's understandably wiser, smarter and more mature than most 12-year-olds would be.

Sean: While I totally see what both of you are saying, sometimes I can't help but feel Bruce is acting too old for his age. Sometimes it just feels like too much or it would make more sense if Bruce was older. I like the actor that plays Bruce, but I don't even think we need to see him that often in the show. Still, I've never had both my parents killed in front of me, so I can't really say how Bruce's acting is wrong either. At least he's proactive.

What did you think of Sal Maroni's meeting with Jim?

Hank: It was super intense. As most of the gangsters on this show Sal came across way too cartoony. I was impressed with the way Jim kept calm and told his story. That Penguin is something else isn't he? Jim might have been better off killing the guy. Imagine when he gets a real taste of power.

Robin: I'm with Hank - I loved Jim's composure during the meeting, but Maroni could have dialed it down a notch.

Sean: Yeah, Sal is a bit cartoony, but at least the meeting was intense and felt that it had some real weight behind it. Jim did compose himself, but I'm curious how this new connection and reveal will affect them all. It was a great scene overall.

Will Fish's plan to take out Carmine work?

Hank: I'm not sure that the plan will work, but her "secret weapon" did a great job endearing herself to him. I'd be putty in her hands too. Ha!

Robin: Hank, you're hilarious! Fish's "weapon" may be a distraction, but I think everyone is underestimating Carmine Falcone.

Sean: I can't see it lasting, as I think Carmine is being underestimated, but Fish's "weapon" already has Carmine hooked. So that's something. Clearly, Carmine isn't into any Top 40 hits.

Here is your look ahead to Gotham Season 1 Episode 6, "Spirit of the Goat."

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