Gotham Round Table: Take the Cannoli

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The battle for Arkham has begun.

With Carmine and Sal fighting for control, and Fish plotting in the wings, the world of Gotham continued to open up. And would you be surprised to know that Oswald is looking to work with Jim?

Below, TV Fanatic staff writers Hank Otero, Robin Harry and Sean McKenna are going to dive right in and discuss Gotham Season 1 Episode 4.

So grab a cannoli and join in the latest Gotham Round Table...

Gotham RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite scene?

Robin: Oswald delivering the cannoli. For one, we realize just how crafty Oswald is. He meticulously planned the whole thing - to help himself move up in the world, to stabilize the mob wars and give himself time to gain power, AND he gets to keep Jim Gordon's trust. Brilliant. Two - it was just hilarious watching Oswald watch his goons eat poisoned pastry. Gosh - should I like a villain this much?

Hank: I loved the opening scene. How awkward was Oswald's presence at Jim's apartment? Jim's expression was priceless and the conversation outside that followed was super intense. McKenzie and Lord Taylor have great chemistry.

Sean: It's hard not to pick anything involving Oswald, but I'll agree with Robin. Just seeing Oswald deliver the cannoli (though a bit campy at how enthusiastic the men were in eating it) was a fun scene. His reactions at watching them eat it, turning it down and just the camera angles of seeing just how sinister this future Penguin is turning out to be.

What do you think of Oswald trying to work with Jim?

Robin: I think Oswald is much smarter than anyone gives him credit for, and I think he's using Jim to his advantage, somehow.

Hank: It's brilliant because he's realized Jim is one of the few good guys in Gotham. He's going to move up quickly at the precinct and when he does Oswald will have a friend in the police dept. He wants a relationship similar to Bullock and Fish.

Sean: I think it's a great idea and feels very natural. Oswald owes Jim for letting him live, and while he still is the villian moving up in the world, he's also able to help Jim from the inside. Plus, both actors are great together and I like where that aspect of the story is headed.

Should Jim have let Barbara in on his secrets?

Robin: Nope. I wasn't invested at all in that relationship - I didn't see any chemistry between them, and she's just so...bland.

Hank: Jim needs someone to talk to, why not Barbara? It's too early for us to know if she can be trusted, but I like to think the relationship is real. If Barbara can air all her dirty laundry she deserves a little quid pro quo.

Sean: To be honest, I'm really indifferent about it all. I knew the whole secrets and lies drama would happen eventually, but it makes sense that Jim wouldn't tell everything. Still, at least that argument got Barbara out of the apartment, so it's a good thing?

Just what is Fish up to with her new "weapon"?

Robin: I'm guessing she'll be using the "weapon" to seduce Falcone, and to either gain leverage on or kill him. I can't be certain, but I am intrigued.

Hank: I agree with Robin, her "weapon" will be embedded in Falcone's organization and report back to Fish. Her way in is probably as a singer, hence the audition process.

Sean: I haven't been a big fan of Fish, but I'm glad she toned down the over-the-top deliver for this episode. And her tryouts with the two singers was actually really intriguing. It made me more interested in seeing Fish again and doing something more than just hanging out at her club. Maybe she can be a threat to Carmine and Sal?

How much Bruce Wayne should we be seeing on Gotham (every episode, once in a while, never, etc.)?

Robin:  I'd be okay seeing him every episode if there was any work or character development for him at all, but his presence in this episode was desultory in every way. If we have to see Bruce, they need to put him to use. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Hank: It really feels a bit forced at this point. Perhaps because we keep seeing him in the same damn room. I like the actors but as Robin says, make him truly relevant to the story. Use him more like in the pilot you know? I say every once in a while.

Sean: As funny as it is too see Bruce in one room (we all know it's budgetary reasons), I really think we should be seeing far less of Bruce. An episode here or there is fine, but Jim doesn't need to go hang out at the Wayne mansion every episode.

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