Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Halloween 3: AwesomeLand

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If you were ever wondered what life would be like if Phil Dunphy ruled the world, you got a small glimpse of it in Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6.

Seriously, Phil has more joy and lightness of heart than a young innocent child. If Disneyland is considered the Happiest Place on Earth, then there is a good chance Phil was born there.

So what happened when Phil married a woman who loves the trick part of Halloween more than the treat?

Everyone knows that Claire Dunphy likes to go ALL OUT on Halloween. She is also incredibly competitive, not only with others but with topping herself from prior years. Unfortunately for her, she had to work this Halloween and the decorations were left up to Phil. This meant happiness, sunshine, and rainbows as opposed to bloods, guts, and gore.

Claire: You gonna put some blood on that? Maybe dangle an eyeball?
Phil: Who hurt you? I'm kidding, I know it's Jay and Dede.

By the way, that was an AMAZING comment on Phil's behalf. Usually "who hurt you" or "who screwed you up" is asked rhetorically, but no, Phil totally had an answer. And it was totally true. Jay and Dede did a number on their children!

Well Little Miss Competitive got a shock when she found out from her new medical marijuana dispenser neighbors that there was a contest for scariest house on the block. Screw work and move over Phil, Claire was taking over!

Claire made the house her perfect vision of an insane asylum from hell. When the neighbors stumbled over and the wife acted offended, the husband told them it was because she had spent some time in an asylum herself. Claire was horrified she had offended the wife and quickly took everything down. Awesomeland was officially back.

Well it turns out the neighbors did it all to win the contest. You can bet that Claire will be back next year with a vengeance.

It's obvious mom, you use Halloween as a way to show people you have edge. It's like accountants who buy are Harley.


Over at Jay and Gloria's, Jay was sick of always playing second fiddle to Gloria's gorgeous costumes.

You do this every time. You go as a princess, I have to go as some freak. You're a beauty, I'm the beast. You're Beyonce, I'm...that guy.

Jay [to Gloria]

He went out and bought a Prince Charming costume, complete with a wig that made him feel like he was back in his youth. Things got frisky with Gloria but, when it was time to go out, Stella had hidden the wig. Jay grumbled around until Gloria convinced him that she wasn't turned on by the hair, but rather how confident and happy he was acting with it. Aww. She also liked the costume without the wig because he looked like "the man on the hundred dollar bill."

Things were a little bit more frustrating with Lily, Cam, and Mitchell. Mitchell was busy losing another court case because the stenographer was dressed like a spider. Things were tense with Cam and Lily because Cam has been so busy with the football team. He missed Lily's parade and almost missed trick-or-treating.

Lily threw a fit and Cam was almost in tears until Mitchell stepped in and proved that Cam is really just trying as hard as he can for everybody. Please, he picked a Where's Waldo costume when he can't even find Waldo in the book!

To relive Cam needing to Facetime Mitchell in order to find Lily dressed as Waldo in a crowd, watch Modern Family online

What was your favorite moment from this year's Halloween episode? Who wore you favorite costume? For me it was Claire when she role-played as Working Girl. She does a great Melanie Griffith!

Halloween 3: AwesomeLand Review

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You do this every time. You go as a princess, I have to go as some freak. You're a beauty, I'm the beast. You're Beyonce, I'm...that guy.

Jay [to Gloria]

Cam: It's a bird! It's a plane!
Mitchell: It's super out of breath.
Cam: Happy Halloween to you too.