Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 4 Review: There's No Place Like Homecoming

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No one wants to be pitied. That was the theme of Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 4 but as much as we fight it, sometimes it's inevitable. 

As Kara got dressed up for her Homecoming dance, I couldn't help but think that she looked closer to 24-years-old than 17. It was almost scary. She certainly looked older than Brittany but then again, Brittany had that ugly pink dress. I agreed with Emma. It hurt my eyes.

Kara walked back into her high school believing she would get her class bitch status back. Little did she realized that she was no longer feared, but pitied. Everyone thought she was going to die. I'm hoping it was a bit of a wakeup call for Kara on some level but only time will tell. 

But Homecoming was an event for everyone. Brittany forced Emma to come in the hopes that she'd make friends. Boy, did that backfire. It's horrifying that girls would look at someone who is a size triple zero and think that's the standard they want to achieve. Heck, it's horrifying that there is such a size as a triple zero.

It's sad that Emma's self esteem is so low that she saw Leo standing up for Kara as a betrayal of her. As though she somehow came in second. Leo's outburst at the end was insightful. Everyone else in the pediatric ward is there because they have a medical issue they can't control.

But is Emma really any different. For some reason, her mind won't allow her to eat. If she could choose to eat, would she. Eating disorders are a very serious and complex condition and right now Emma's is killing her as surely as cancer is threatening Jordi and Leo.

Speaking of Leo, he really does look cool bald. As much as I was rooting for him to get back on the soccer field, he was right. He wouldn't so much be seen as a great soccer player but as the soccer player who beat cancer. If he doesn't want that to be his legacy then he needs to move on and figure out what's next. 

I really had high hopes for Jordi's mother. She appeared ready to be there for her son they way he needed her to be but Jordi was hesitant to buy in as he explained to Dash in this Red Band Society quote...

Being a mom for her is like going on a camping trip. No, I'm serious. She gets all excited, buys all the equipment and then two days into it she wishes she were back in the hotel.


It was sweet of Dash stick up for her but in the end Jordi was right. She bolted the moment things got tough. Somewhere deep down, Jordi will always be that little boy whose mother abandoned him. Unfortunately, she just did it again.

My only complaint about the episode was Charlie's voice overs and his wandering minstrel dad. Both felt weirdly out of place but it appears that we will finally get more of their story next week. So what did you think of Homecoming, Red Band style?

If you missed an episode, you can catch up and watch Red Band Society online here at TV Fanatic. 

There's No Place Like Homecoming Review

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Leo: I seriously want to hug you right now.
Nurse Jackson: You'll get over it.

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