Resurrection Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Echoes

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Where Is Caleb?

That was the big question during the first half of tonight's Resurrection. 

I enjoyed Resurrection Season 2 Episode 2. It was a good improvement on last weeks episode.

Fred finds out that someone is living in the woods in an old hunting shack owned by Caleb. This leads to he and Bellamy searching for him. I liked this development but I had an idea that we wouldn't be seeing Caleb just yet. 

Many more layers to the character of Margaret were revealed this week. It was obviously going to be difficult to integrate back in to the community after a 30-year absence, but I feel bad for the woman. 

How does it feel to be a snitch for the government?


A lot has changed in her family. I'm wondering if she thinks she's missed too much. She was genuinely upset that the factory was abandoned as it had been in the family for so long. I like how aware she seems that she and the returned are different from the characters who haven't yet died.

Lucille doesn't appear to be a fan of the grandmother and grandchild bond. I understand this. The woman will be worried about losing Jacob again, especially to her mother in law. 

I just came to let ya know i'm gonna be part of the scenery for a while.


The closing scene to the episode looked like Margaret was digging up remains. The remains appeared to be the bones of kids. Are these kids her own? 

Jacob continued to be intriguing. When the first bird fell and died I expected it to get straight back up and fly. It didn't. It's interesting that Henry wants to witness it happening.

The reaction from his mum was really out of character, but I'm wondering if it was fueled by her jealousy of his relationship with his grandma.

We never found much out about the government's involvement in with the returned this week, that's not to say there were no developments. The leader of the group contacted the sheriff to let him know that Bellamy would be sticking around Arcadia.

This forced them to work together and led to an awkward moment when Bellamy brought up Maggie. I liked when Fred introduced Bellamy to his new office.

I can't keep living in a house full of your wifes things.


We found out that the person in the hunting shack isn't Caleb. It is a man who died in a fire many years ago. Margaret remembers him from the factory.

Is Janine growing on anyone else? I really liked her this week. She is acting respectful towards Rachel considering the circumstances. I still don't expect Tom to get back with her anytime soon.

I'm not surprised Tom left his post at the church. If I was him I would have left way back when everyone was commenting on his private life.

Did anyone else notice Maggie going into Bellamy's car and taking out his belongings even after he told her he would find somewhere else? She most certainly has feelings for him.

I also loved her reaction to seeing her grandma for the first time. She must have been relieved to inform her that her cancer is completely gone. 

Elaine was only in the episode for a few minutes, but I have to comment on when Fred was speaking to her and she got rid of him by asking if he wants a coffee to go. It was a brilliant way to cut someone off!

This week's episode was an improvement. It didn't feel as all over the place as last week's installment. Remember you can watch Resurrection online right here on TV Fanatic. Relive full episodes now!

What did you think of this episode? Who do you think Margaret was digging up? Sound off below!

Echoes Review

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I just came to let ya know i'm gonna be part of the scenery for a while.


I can't keep living in a house full of your wifes things.