Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 Photo Preview: They're Not Normal

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We watched as Olivia and Rowan Pope contemplated the normalcy of their father-daughter relationship in the Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 sneak peek

If we actually needed an answer, this Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 photo preview might have one:

No, they're so not normal. The subject of their argument probably isn't a forgotten birthday or Rowan's inability to remember to take his meds.

When it comes to this family, the dysfunction is high!

Jake has been taken and judging by these photos it appears Olivia believes her father holds the key to having him released. She's too smart not to have figured out he'd be involved somehow, you know? The question now is just how good-bad will Rowan's diatribe be when he tells his daughter to butt out?

Elsewhere in this episode, David Rosen will get another taste of winning in Washington D.C. How will he pull it off without his B613 files? We'll have to watch Scandal online to see!

Until then, take a look at the promo for Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 and get ready, Gladiators!

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Fitz: Mellie's in the residence.
Cyrus: Respectfully, sir, she's probably drunk, and in a coma from too much fried chicken. You're safe there.

Olivia: I'm working. I'm gladiating.
Quinn: You're getting your expensive pants dirty. What are you doing here?